[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



I have the same with my 5K+, easy to miss until you get to a darker background, then very obvious.

I have only tested on one 1070 card at work so far. Tomorrow I will test on another card at home.
I will also make sure the cable is seated properly in the headset and other forum recommendations.
Is it cable shielding, environment noise? Do we have a handle on the actual cause yet? It seems a little common but not massively widespread.

I raised a ticket anyway so there is a record of it but hopefully I can resolved it so I am not without a headset again after waiting so long.


I have two suggestions:

-contact spray for the connections
-Reduction of the audio frequency to 16bit/44.000hz.

I have this “glitter” of bright pixels very rarely + bright flashes. And when it appears, it disappears for seconds. After I used contact spray on the PC side, it hasn’t appeared so far. I’ll get back to you when it reappears.


But it’s funny that with one cable there are those flickering dots, and with the other cable attached there is no such issue. Environemental influences stay the same.


I was asked for a through the lens video of the issue to confirm/demonstrate it and within an hour of uploading they are already saying I will be sent a new cable.
From open ticket to message saying new cable is on the way, 6hrs.

Awesome job Pimax.


Before I start doing this cable check.

I have to remove the eye surround to unplug and replug the cable?
Do I start pulling that off from around the nose area?

It is all fairly thin plastic, I don’t want to rip it just trying to get access to the cable socket.


You don’t have to remove anything, you can just unplug it by wiggling it and pulling gently.


Hi! Check this video posted by @park How to detach the plastic mask? I want to detach the cable (noise problem)
Push down the mask a little bit and wiggle a bit and pull the cable off.

SUPEN-1359 image issue with 5k+

I would also pull as close to the connector as possible for less possibility of unwanted cable damage.


I also have the sparkle, it occurs sporadically and then disappears again. My actions have been so far:

-I removed the cable from the headset and pushed it all the way back in.
-I used a contact spray.
Unfortunately both did not help. What do I have to do to get a replacement cable?

edit: I opened a ticket via service desk, SUPEN-1561. Thanks in advance for help. @Dallas.Hao


Little update:

I have good news. I have connected a lenovo explorer (vr-headset) to my PC at the same time. Since I have disconnected the lenovo completely, the pixel glittering is completely gone.


I guess I was too hasty, sadly it reappeared. Unfortunately I had to open a ticket (SUPEN-1639) again because of that.

Thanks in advance.


@Dallas.Hao I also have the flickering pixel issue and have done all of the trouble shooting listed in this thread. I’ve opened at ticket (SUPEN-1640). Please help. I’m loving the 5k+ so far!


@Dallas.Hao unfortunately I also have flickering white dots or pixels … please check my supen-ticket 1672
update: 07.02.2019
Unfortunately, I have now discovered a dead pixel in my field of vision … how are things going on dallas?
Thank you…


Sounds like they got a real crappy batch of cables that went out. It also sounds like they need to really ride their sources for better quality for their hardware. Cables, audio jacks…etc. All need to be reliable and consumer ready quality. Few known named companies have such quality issues on such basic components. That is why they dominate markets. C’mon Pimax, demand better.


I just received my headset yesterday and I also have the flickering white pixels issue @Dallas.Hao

I’m hoping it’s just the cable. Other than this pixel “noise” the headset seems to be working pretty well. I’d like to open a support ticket but on the website I keep getting the following error when clicking the support tab:
work.pimaxvr.com unexpectedly closed the connection.”


Is that frim the support link in the banner? If so may need to wait til the 11th for them to look into it.

Try ensuring headset cable is firmly pressed into headset as it might be loose.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.


Yes, banner support link. I understand the Pimax team is away for the holiday, I hope they can fix the non-working pitool link and support link as soon as they’re back. I was able to get pitool from a forum post, fortunately.

I already removed and reattached the cable, that did not solve anything. It is firmly connected on both ends. As I got longer into my setup and play session yesterday the problem seemed to worsen, I don’t know if that is heat related as another member here has suggested. I love the headset but I’m hoping for a quick resolution to this irritating issue. Thank you everyone for your assistance.


Your welcome. Hopefully after the holiday they get this resolved.


hello, what pitool version are you using? try the 91st I first had the 95th version with a strong flicker, then I had the 103 beta version, with very slight flicker now and then … the 103 is unfortunately not available at the moment … . Install the 91 version, and announce yourself times ralf


I guess it’s the software … or the electronics