[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



Try this link it’s mine pitool 103r191


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Cannot download pitool

I tried that one but as soon as I installed it, pitool immediately auto-updated? I can’t see how to prevent this. Also won’t that take away the brainwarp beta?


By auto update do you mean headset firmware?


No it updated the version, I used the link you just gave me and suddenly I’m on the beta. I’m not getting any flickering right now though…I’ll be playing for a while, I’ll be sure to post an update.


Okay cool, yeah my link is of the Brainwarp Beta.

If you decide to install a different version of pitool be sure to ensure Brainwarp refresh is set to 90hz for your 5k.

Good to hear flickering has stopped.


It came back, just as before. I HOPE it’s the cable like others have stated but I don’t know why that would cause something to go from functioning properly to having the white flickering pixels based on usage time?


Not sure but might be getting emi/rfi interference.


I have the 5k.
After i tell the support from my issue they sent me a new
Cable. That was the Problem. After i install the
new Cable, all works fine.


How long did it take getting the new cable?


It took about 2 weeks.


I have this flickering too. But there are just few of dots (not the intensity like in the video posted here). Firstly I noticed it when I upgraded to the new beta pitool version (smoothing). I can see it only when there is a black backgroud. I did not pay attention to it because it was not bordering me and I had it connected in my mind with the latest version of firmware and pitool which will be improved soon.


Unfortunately, the flickering has become stronger again … but probably the cable? …


@KKThunder Did your pimax have consistent flickering at all times or did the intensity vary? Sometimes it’s not that noticeable for me and other times, seemingly the longer I get into using it, the worse it gets. I really hope I have the same issue as you and a cable is all I need.


I had opened a ticket and since I entered my delivery address and confirmed it twice and I received confirmation that a new cable will be delivered to me, I have not received a tracking number despite my request. That was 8 days ago. How was it with you?



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the intensity of the flickering is different … I think pimax will not let us down … get a supen-ticket in the supportcenter


Just got my 5K+ and I have this exact same problem. There are white dots flickering all over my screen.

Using PiTool version 91. RTX 2080 TI.

However I cannot open a support ticket as I get the following error:

Forbidden (403)

Encountered a "403 - Forbidden" error while loading this page.

JIRA Service Desk is not licensed

Go to JIRA home


As same issue flickering dots?

If you can try another computer. With support page will need to wait for the team to be back in on the 11th.

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Yes the white dot flickering. It’s all over the screen.


I have the flicking dots. As per previous posts I thought maybe it was the display port on my 1080. I have a brand new 2080 now, and I still have the flickering dots.

I just skimmed the thread - I take it I just lodge a support ticket?