[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



Got my 5k+ yesterday (Feb 6). Add me to the list of flickering white dots. Will file a support ticket.


Just to clarify, how is everyone going about filing these support tickets? The non-working support tab on pimaxvr.com?


Got my 5K+ today and, despite trying to not jinx things with respect to getting a good unit by thinking too much about defects, I have to say that I’m quite disappointed to have actually been sent an HMD with not one, but two problems.

There is the sparkly, stardust described in this thread, as well as something worse than dead pixels - a sort of double smear/streak, which runs through the full spectrum of rainbow colors over what looks like 30 or so pixels. This is on the left panel when looking towards the nose. When wearing the HMD, the streak is very noticeable and quite annoying.

It’s really hard to take a picture of this flaw, but I tried and you can kind of see it (blurry) in the images below:

Given that I thought the chances of getting a defective unit were pretty good (we are in the early stages of a production run, still), I’m not too surprised that I won the flaw lottery. I’ll raise a support ticket like a good backer (for now), but I’m wondering how shipping for a replacement will be handled.

@PimaxUSA, you said at the Toronto meetup that Pimax would bear the cost - I hope that will be the case as I’ve already paid $34.39 in fees to FedEx and don’t wish to pay any more just because I was so lucky.

How have other people receiving defective units dealt with shipping costs for getting an replacement? Did you just grin and bear the expense?

The AI behind customer support needs an upgrade!

Sorry to hear. I do know from posts that the shipping of a replacement was handled by pimax. Not sure of customs charges & haven’t seen posts detailing backers shipping defective units back.

@spamenigma might be able to give details on his experience.


Could this be a symptom of a faulty cable ? The headset could be ok .


It could be the cable that’s causing the stardust according to others in this thread, and I’d be willing to try a new one to see if it fixes the issue. Unfortunately, the other problem is a defect either on the panel or, possibly, on the inside of lens.


Hmm, Pimax support is not licensing their issue software, looks like. Should fix that…


Quite possibly. @asampal likely recalls the cable swap testing and I imagine has tried the check cable seated in hmd.

Cable generally seems to be decent quality but hard to say how well the cable mfgr tests cables. Atm seems a few bad ones out there. I think the emi/rfi filters would help in some cases but not all that have been reported.

I remember my old 386 computer psu was terrible on regular cable tv cable. But computer psu are better sheilded. But was likely why VGA cables & serial cables always had those filters back then.


Yeah it seems the support site went down. We will likely need to wait til the 11th.

Now if your not too far from TO there might be another backer if willing that you might be able to at least test the cable. But the other issue imo will likely require a replacement. :disappointed:


Just realized that there is another problem with the HMD that I forgot to mention - a sort of random interruption of the image - just a brief black flash. Maybe that’s also due to a bad cable. Not sure I remember what others had concluded wrt this issue.

The AI behind customer support needs an upgrade!

If the stardust and occasional interruption was the only problem, I’d probably go to the trouble of trying to find someone around Toronto, but as it is, I wouldn’t want to keep this unit because of the streak.


I change the cable and the issue is disappeared.


I also got no information about the shipping. But after 14 days the cable came without announcement by post.

By the way, I’m from Germany

I had 2 Pimax headsets. One had some issues and was sent back. The first Pimax , it has little flickered. With the replacement Pimax the flickering was very strong all the time. But with the new cable everything was alright immediately.
I have the new Cable from the Pimax Support.


I apologize if you answered this earlier, but where did you get the new cable? Was it from Pimax, or did you buy it online?


I have 2 headsets (second is replacement and will return the headset back soon), so I try to change between both of them.


hello guys, after I got my supen-ticket from pimax because of the flickering pixel, I still got from you the information that you are working on the problem … let’s see what pimax next week says … stay relaxed and have a good day …


Some have had success with the speckles removing and re-seating the cable in the HMD, and apparently changing DP ports too (third hand info there).

Pimax may want to get you to try another cable first and just send one out, the panel hard to judge.

If the pimax HMD needs returning pimax are giving backers an advanced replacement, and request you ship back to a more local destination (at least for me, to return to a uk address). Pimax also say they will reimburse for shipping if you require.

I did just get a letter through today however I’m being stung £36 Import duty/VAT for a replacement which I’m obviously not happy about.


I reported to Reddit a few days ago after receiving my Pimax 5K+ that I am also experiencing this “twinkling star” effect. I also have another type of distortion in which it seems to lose sync on opposite sides of the HMD but parallel to each other. A user asked me to reseat the DP cable in the HMD but I didn’t want to possibly destroy the headset that I just received so I refused to do so. I’ll have to wait patiently until the CNY is over with.


Which pitool are you using & your pc setup?

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


I saw on here that the .91 Pitool is the most stable so I installed that version.
My PC:
RTX 2080 Ti
and a PSU of 850Watts
I’m not sure what the issue is, this PC could handle the Vive at over 350% SS.