[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



i have a 5k+ the newer P2 version.

not ready to return it yet though i’m seeing if i can try it on another system to be sure.

i was able to get my other DP ports working by unplugging my 2nd monitor, and it definitely improved the sparkles but they were still there for sure.


hello guys, has one of you received an answer because of the flickering pixel?


i have the same problem on my 5k+


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I received mine today and have the same issue, I tried all three ports on my 2080TI, my system is running off a single rail 1200W PSU so I don’t think it’s a power issue unless its an interference problem. Going to raise a ticket for a new cable now. The experience though, WOW, I’m blown away, I cannot wait to use it with my racing wheel :exploding_head:


Just to confirm its the 5k+? Have you tried reseating tge hmd plug?


I tried reseating it, no success, I do notice that in the 3rd Display Port the speckling is worse than in the 1st or 2nd, but it’s never completely gone.


I just got my 5k and i have the same issue. Anyone has a link to a power supply replacement?


can we order spare cables?


still trying to find a properly spec’d out 2nd system to try it on. i’m doing my taxes next week… might buy a new PC with refund $$ :slight_smile:

and to clarify, my comments re: a PSU with a 12v rail that has a high continuous power rating we’re 100% my speculation, but I still think it’s a strong guess.

@PantsFire i noticed the same as you. trying other ports reduced the sparkles but never made them go away.

also re: single 12v rail, you need to look up the power diagram for the PSU you have. you could theoretically have a 1200W PSU that’s only capable of putting out 25A continuous on the single rail. Though i highly doubt it with that high of a max watt rating. In which case your experience kind of debunks my guess.

What PSU and specific 2080ti do you have?


Corsair HX1200 if I remember correctly, and a Nvidia founders edition 2080ti. I’ve had issues with DP cables in the past, my 4k 60hz monitor was dropping to 59 or 30hz on some cables, Pimax replied quickly to say their on the case so hopefully the new cable will resolve the issue, until then I’m thinking bright games like Superhot should mask it well :grin:


Which headset did you receive 5k+?


you are def correct, bright games seem to make the sparkles dissapear :star2:

also, the plot thickens… i looked up your PSU. it’s actually on a toggle, it can be single OR multi rail. in multi rail mode it caps each output at 40A. i can’t find stats on the 2080ti founders edition but I vaguely remember reading 2080ti specs ask for 80A? do you still have the box? it might say it on the outside.

here’s where I pulled the info for your PSU.

but if your PSU is definitely in single mode, this would put my theory to bed, in which case i’m hitting Pimax up for a new cable.

edit - here’s an interesting reddit debate on this subject. some say run two 8 pin cables in muti-rail mode. and some say put it in single rail mode so the card can draw as much juice as it wants (overclocked).

Pasting it below because this stuff is WAY over my head. we need a build expert in here.

Again if its a power issue, maybe it’s new to all of us, simply b/c our cards haven’t ever had to work this hard before? Pimax pushing the limits.

Or, it’s as simple as a new DP cable…!


It seems people are reporting that a new cable sent by pimax fixed the issue.


Found this interesting discussion.


Not at the moment I think.
The 10m extended cable that is supposed to come at some point probably goes plug-plug, and if they offer that then standard length ones may be possible too.


@Heliosurge man what a headache after reading that reddit thread. and more reasons for me to balk at getting a 2080ti :confused:

i’m assuming Nvidia has a 1080ti/2080ti PSU compatibility list SOMEwhere right? too much to ask?


going to try putting some “ferrite chokes” on mine and have ordered some copper foil EMI shielding tape, hoping to dampen down the sparkles until i can get a replacement dp cable.

anyone know if i need to post the old cable back to pimax or will they just send a replacement?



Alan from Pimax support asked me to make a video of the screen for him, here’s a link https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvEwBxSOmxSJgXw5Vzf4yxV0yoCz


Backer 3682 -> Also heavy white flickering…

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I got my Kickstarter Pimax 5k+ today, Thanks!
I installed piplay V1.0.1.95 and checked for latest version.
Then i plugged my Pimax in and it said that it is already at latest firmware.
I synced my controllers and the basestation.
Then i tried the Pimax and i got heavy white flickering dots while looking at every slightly dark background.
Games like Elite Dangerous are unplayable at this point.
I tried to replug both the HMD and the PC and I Tried Normal FOV but nothing helps to get less flickering.



It seems i need a new cable ?

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