[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



hello, for 2 weeks there is no answer from pimax on this topic …


try the following … as the first turn on the hmd and then turn on the pc …


Well I remember at one time psu mfgrs used to have Amd &yor Nvidia Certifications.

But yeah like motherboard mfgrs do this with Memory & cpu compat lists Nvidia should do the same.

Especially with this rtx reveal.


Awesome to see more :uk: backers receiving in the forum; hopefully DarkJackal receives soon as well.

You did send Alan the video in his email or your support desk account?


@Scubasteve2365 as you jave jad cable replacement can you post your xp on how this was completed (see Megadonkeyx post)


I can’t speak to how the official process for a replacement cable works because I had one sent to me not through the ticket system.


ferrite chokes didn’t work for me. i tried 4 of them.


Okay after playing a couple of hours with the pimax it got worse…
Now i get red blue and green flickering dots all around the screen, not just white ones!
@Matthew.Xu, @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun -> Supen-2019



was wondering something, my hardware is as follows:

ryzen 1700x
asus prime x370 pro
2933mhz ram using d.o.c.p

one thing i was wondering was could the fairly high frequency ram be causing some large amount of emi? although this ram is running at its advertised speed.

nothing on this machine is overclocked.

maybe it is just a bad cable.


i have ddr3 ram @1600mhz… so it is not the ram
i think, without opening anything, the adapter displayport/usb/dc input to hdmi connector has a bad soldering joint / bad connection.

the QA team has clearly not tested every delivered cable plugged in with the hmd -> maybe just the hmd @ test stand with a fixed test cable ?
And after testing the hmd they took a hmd cable out of a big box plugged it in and shipped it …
just guessing…


It’s actually shown in a YouTube video that Margie did. It’s exactly like that… :upside_down_face:


Probably bad cable as mine is 3600mhz



I received my headset today in France, a 5K+ model P2. Same white dot flickering issue, in dark (well gray, because there is no dark :confused:) environnement.
I can see that it is very common, and there is no response from Pimax.
Support website is not working well and i cannot create an account to open a ticket…



Maybe try a different browser as some can login/create account. Added Dallas to your post.

Are you a backer or pre order?


They deactivated account creation. Only option is to email support


I am backer #5393. Do we finally know if the white dot issue is a software or hardware issue?
I tried restart, unplug/plug,change display port…
It sometimes work for few minutes and then dots reappears…


What is the best mail address to contact them?



I got a response from alan after that.


Thanks, i ll try that. Hope it can be fixed with not a full HMD replacement


This seems to be a potential cable issue. Check the troubleshooting wiki in the 5k 8k directory in banner as some had luck with fixes.