[Replied]Help! I changed address in the kickstarter survey


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Thanks :slight_smile:


@Heliosurge can you bump me as well. I just moved!


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Hi, new forum user here! I just moved too and I need to change address. Can you bump me @Heliosurge?


There you go. Be sure to change your address via kickstarter & private message @xunshu & contact their support email for extra peace of mind.

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Hi! I also changed adress :slight_smile:

Edit : Nm, the adress I set in my kickstarter survey was at work… Guess I already was ahead of myself :stuck_out_tongue:


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If your looking for added peace of mind. Message the team as in the earlier post.


Hi, also changed address. Would like to confirm the update in a pm :slight_smile: Thanks


Hi send a pm to @Pimax-Support & invite @Sean.Huang to your pm with backer details & address.

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@Pimax-Support please help change the backer details & address


Hi friends, please send your requests to our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com
We will confirm these addresses with you.Thanks in advance.


I’ve messaged support about me moving home but have heard no confirmation. In addition even if I get it delivered I have no idea whether I’ll be getting the k5+ as I changed my pledge on the survey sent out weeks ago.

Any other suggestions as to whom to contact?

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Added pokes to your post to pimax team members


Support email : support@pimaxvr.com

This is the most efficient person to contact(if your information is confirmed and need to change address)


Thanks guys, have emailed. Fingers crossed.