[Replied]How long is it taking for your replacement cable updates?


I emailed and opened a ticket on the 16th, I added a video to the ticket later that day.

I had a reply to the email asking for a video on the 20th, which I provided. I also mentioned there was also a ticket open with the video.

I chased an update by email on the 22nd (yesterday).

I have not yet had a response acknowledging the issue in the vid or saying I’ll get a replacement.

Are the rest of you with the issue getting similar responses? How long typically from contact to saying a replacement will come to then receiving your cable?

(I am UK. I guess shipping times will be different for each country.)

E: after chasing again in another thread on 24th, had a reply to the ticket and confirmation that a cable will be sent.


@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


Ditto, I had to follow up few times and post a video twice. Then they asked for backer info that I had already posted and then said they would send a cable and to be patient. No idea when they are actually going to send it, if it was like my 5k+ i’ll get the tracking number after I get the cable…sigh…I don’t even want to use the damn thing theres so many things wrong with it. SUPEN-1873 @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao


what is your ticket number please


OP Update 28th :

No news of the replacement cable yet. It seems like I just missed a batch that were sent out just under 2 weeks ago or so and were generally received a little under 1 week ago. So I’m tentatively hoping a batch was sent at the beginning of this week and I’ll get one in the next 3-4 working days.

Anyone else got a recent update?


I asked you about the ticket number last time.


Our after-sales dept will contact you by email ASAP.
Please be patient.


I thought you were asking Oculuslou for his ticket number.

My ticket is SUPEN-2045. Sean was talking to me on that ticket and on the 24th said a cable would be sent. Before that Alan and I were talking by email. You and Sean were cced in some of those too.


Ok,please wait for the new cable,Sean will send you tracking number since the new cable is sent out.


They finally said they would send a cable “roughly on 3/8-12” whatever that means. So, basically my Pimax has been an expensive dust collector for over a month. It’s such a chore to setup and use there are so many “quirks” so hopefully by the time I get my cable they will fix some of them.


No new update for me yet. I sent a request for an update a few hours ago. I’m really hoping it’s been travelling to me for the last week or so …


Still no real update. Except, a few days ago, my ticket’s status was updated to “ACC Replacement service”. I’ve come up with at least 3 potential initialisms for “ACC” - but who knows. Interestingly this time I did not get an email informing me of the ticket’s status update.

I just want to use my 5K+. This is immensely frustrating.


Yes Those waiting in receiving the headset are in the same boat. Hopefully both situations are resolved soon.


I’m still waiting as well, I got the “ACC Replacement service ”. So, I got it feb 8 and its been broken since day one and who knows when they are going to ship the cable. I asked if they were testing the cable at least before sending them and he said yes. I doubt it, but i just wanted it on record for when it doesn’t work. I’m happy to be proven wrong.


Got an update !
michael wang commented:

Dear customer:

Your Cable has been delivered today. The courier company is TNT Tracking number is XXXXXX

I believe that the site to use the tracking number (UK) may be https://www.aftership.com/couriers/tnt-uk .

Nothing is showing there yet (“Please try again later, we are awaiting tracking info from the carrier.”) so I believe / hope / assume that Michael means that the cable /will/ be delivered today, or it has been delivered to the UK warehouse.

Edit : Update again. Looks like they are going by air from China? Used this site in the end : https://www.tnt.com/express/en_gb/site/shipping-tools/tracking.html. Set to arrive with me in UK in 2 days :

Pimax people : A correct way to put this to me on the ticket would have been “the cable will be dispatched today” or “the cable will be sent today”. Saying “delivered” means it will arrive at its final destination.


You are lucky I got mad at them for leaving me with a useless piece of junk for over a month (close to 2) and they sent me “We have no cables in SH office right now. Once we receive some, we will ship it to you. Pls be patient”

This is by far the worst customer “support” I have experienced. SUPEN-1873



Sorry for your waiting time.
We will send out by tomorrow.
Once we get the tracking number, we will forward it to you


I never got the tracking number, but the cable did show up today. Scared and hopefully it fixes everything, I will test and report.


I’ve been waiting a month for a replacement cable. No updates and ticket marked as ‘Resolved’. It is not resolved!! My 5k+ is a paperweight and good for nothing. It’s never worked and at this rate, it never will. I have tried to contact Pimax to either a) get a cable shipped or b) return my headset for a refund. No response on either. Original case - SUPEN-2730

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


I feel your pain, keep vigilant and they will get you a new cable. They never updated the ticket or gave a tracking number, BUT the new cable did solve my issues so far so there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.