[Replied]I think my pimax 5k+ screen already failed?



I have a Europe style plug the pimax came with even though I am from the USA, but I bought an adapter for that since shit happens. I guess I could try buying a 12v 2 amp wall adapter just to try but I don’t like the idea of buying things to see if it fix’s an issue, unless it actually fix’s it.


I hear you. Alternatively maybe an Electrical store (not to be confused with “The Source”) might be able to test volt & amps ouput.


I am not aware of other american backers with EU PSUs reporting issues like yours. Your HMD developed problems after some time, replacing the PSU yourself is more than what can be expected of consumers and no guaranteed fix. I’d RMA.


Maybe the EU->US adapter is not being nice.


I have a similar issue.


5k+ headset?..


yes its 5k+. and right screen. left is fine.



@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


Its been a month or so now and I have yet to receive really any support? I got a bit of patience but I am starting to get annoyed at the slow responses about RMA.


Try sending a Private Message (PM) to support through the forums. Also, any support based topic, you need to also include @Pimax-Support which should get their attention.

They do have good communication but more so through the forum structure than just email.


Was there ever any resolution for this?
My 5k+ has started to have the same issue (right eye only).


I mean isn’t the whole idea behind the support page to contact pimax about issues and RMA, why does using the forum count more? I am starting to get more and more livid,

So far my post has caught attention from support but the response was

hi, does it happen in different backgrounds? and always on the screen?please reply

Literally posted this thread link to them before hand and it takes a month and me getting annoyed to send me a text that coulda been answered by simply clicking a forum link?



If this is the smow issue. Remind them & give link of Dallas’ post that they are wasting time & new cable should be sent as his post if mem serves ssid you wouldn’t need to jump through hoops to get a cable replacement.


I am very worried about this issue whcih is the same than I had and reported 2 weeks ago. I have shipped back the unit to UK as reuested by Pimax but What is the guarantee that the replacement unit will not have the same issue 1 month after using it. It will be nice to have a statement from Pimax reporting they have detected the issue and fixed it: Because if they have not found the issue and keep shipping there will be more trouble. @Heliosurge, I am a bi worried about the quality of the headsets.


@mozi might have reportable info on this hopefully.


Proceed through the support page to the RMA.
I will send it when the game in progress is over.


Hi,what is your ticket number,please?
Sorry for the inconvenience,I will check it again asap.


.my support ticket is SUPEN-1860 .


Please check your ticket,thanks.