[Replied]I'm about to lose my mind here! I beginning to question whether this headset is worth the trouble!


What was the issue? Be great if we can track resolutions on the forum, may help with the support requests etc…


My issue is an intermittent 10600 error that happens all the time. I’ve pretty much narrowed down the problem to a bad connection on the cable that goes into the HMU. They are sending me a new cable and hopefully that fixes it… I’m tired of staring at a nearly 600 dollar VR unit that is all but unusable!


Yup… Hopefully it will be fixed :slight_smile:


Well I still haven’t received my new cord yet and I’m going on a week now. It hasn’t even shipped yet!! This is the EXACT problem I knew I’d have. If this doesn’t fix it and I have to get a whole new HMU. I’m just gonna return this nightmare and buy the new Rift. 1000% less hassle and actual customer service in a timely fashion…

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So I asked if the cable had shipped yet… this is the response I got… needless to say I’m not happy


Has anyone else had to deal with all of these issues with their HMU? This seems really ridiculously impossible that I could be the only one with these problems… and by the way @PimaxUSA your customer service is TERRIBLE!! I’ve had about 30 different people in my virtual squadron that were on the fence about buying a PiMax or waiting to order a new Rift. Let’s just say I can nearly guarantee that you won’t see a cent of their money. I’m sorry I gave you mine… but here I am trying to make the best of a horrible situation. I can promise you this @PimaxUSA I’ll make sure I spread the word about how many issues I’ve had since the day this thing was SUPPOSED to be delivered… I’ll make sure no one I know wastes money with a 1/2 finished product that uses everyone else’s software to work right and that you can’t be remotely sure will actually work after you wait forever to get it! It’s disgraceful and it’s no wonder Linus didn’t want to deal with you guys CES. He was 100% right… your product is not worth the time, money and effort.


I think you may need to see Linus’ follow up.

While I can appreciate your frustration; try to be patient. While it does indeed suck to purchase a product out of the box with an issue like a defective cable. And that a new cable has not been shipped out due to being short on stock.

Once you receive the new cable and it’s working as intended. I am sure you will enjoy the headset.

I have myself ran into issues with big name Motherboards where I needed a spare set of ram sticks I didn’t have to flash the bios to use the sticks I bought for the build. I have an MB atm I need to track down an old cpu to flash the Bios so I can use an i7 4790.

Once the US office is restocked (likely very soon) they will get you looked after. Many Backers have been waiting to receive the headset; so you can imagine how they feel seeing pre orders receive a headset before them. At least a bad cable is not a safety recall we see more often than we should in the news.


I did watch the follow up from Linus and while he did say it was “better” than the first one he reviewed, he didn’t actually have to deal with all of the stuff that goes with the unit. And he definitely didn’t have to deal with the ludicrous ship times, defective units and customer service issues (and because he is who he is never would). It just totally feels like from the top down the company really hasn’t the least bit of an idea how to handle customer service recovery. When you have someone who has had such a bad time with one of your really expensive products… you do what ever you can to fix it quickly!! If it was me running the customer service department and I was dealing with the problem that I had going on here… you don’t wait until you “ have more cables in stock” you take a cable off of a unit and ship it to it sweet to the customer that you have who is waiting to see if that even fixes the problem… so let’s say that the cable comes in and that wasn’t the problem… let’s say it’s the plug on the HMU. Do I have to wait for another unit to be produced in China and then wait another 8-9 weeks for them to ship that one to me (all the while hoping that I don’t get another lemon? I all for hoping that it works out… but this is a crap load of money to have bought a paper weight. I get that they are newish to the VR world… but customer service recovery isn’t a new concept and failure at it really puts a black eye on the operation. Not to mention how many people on these very forums have really big issues that they are dealing with, just trying to get their HMU to work as advertised.


The thing you need to consider is this is an emerging company that is still in the process of building itself up. PimaxUSA is himself a backer whom is working very hard to get the North America Office up & running. At present the US office is not stocking & selling headsets. Atm they are working on Support & as such are stocking replacement parts.

There not there yet. The US office just opened & has been helping to make things better. Rest assured PimaxUSA & the home office are working on the same goal to provide both a great VR experience & customer support. But need time to get the foundation poured & cured.


Hi - we ship the cables as soon as we receive them. Our FL office also hand checks each cable (and headset) by hand before it goes out. We received more cables today (and were testing them all day) so all known cable replacement requests will ship tomorrow. Estimate 2-3 days for you to receive yours. If we shipped blind we could have shipped yours today but we wanted to test it first.

As for Linus - I was there with him. He was very impressed and played with the devices for well over an hour and we didn’t guide him at all, he loaded his own test games and apps etc. He said he was almost certain it was better than any VR device he had tried but wanted to get one in his lab for further tests. We haven’t had one person at CES, GTC, GDC or any of the recent shows who wasn’t impressed. Probably 1,100 demos or so with some of them quite extensive. For instance Nvidia engineers spent hours testing with us before the GTC show in the booth and a lot of them hadn’t seen a Pimax before. They encouraged Jensen Huang himself to visit which he did.


@PimaxUSA I get it… you guys a new. I really do. But here’s a good parallel that you can look at as a company and business model. In December of 2018, I decided that I wanted to purchase a Point of Care Ultrasound unit from a brand new company called Butterfly IQ. The company is based out of Boston right near Yale New Haven Medical center. They were in the process of building a worlds first, an all in one ultrasound prove that runs through either an IOS device or an android device. What makes this particular ultrasound unit special ( and a worlds first) is that the probe holds the entirety of the guts of the ultrasound unit in a handheld unit and for the first time in history the ultrasound is produced, received and interpreted by a silicon chip instead of a pizoelectric crystal like ever other ultrasound unit ever built. So I send in the email stating that I wanted to purchase a unit and no money was taken at that time. Then when my number came up and the unit was ready to be paid for and sent out ( in March), I paid my money ($2,400) and the unit was sent to me in 3 days. Not pay for your unit as a “backer” even though it was not pre ordered but was purchased off of the website store, and guess when the unit you already paid for will ever reach you. Then about a week after I had the product I believed I had a problem with the induction charging unit. I sent an email to the company and told them what was going on… instead of screwing around they understood that there was service recover to accomplish. So they over nighties me a new induction charger. Waited until I received it and then called me and talked to me at length to see if there was anything else they could help me with and even offered to move other people I knew up the order list, if they decided that they wanted to order a unit! No excuses about being new, no excuses about not having product and no excuses about how everyone else loves their product and making it sound like I’m the only one who has an issue… once again I get it your new to the marketplace… but so are they and a lot could be learned from their company, logistics model and customer service model… and btw I was at CES as well (so was the Butterfly IQ company)… that’s where I got the brilliant idea to order the 5K+ after trying it and of course everything worked great, it’s a trade show! But no one not once takes about the issues that were to be “expected” with the logistics and unit shipping. Had it been legitimately presented as saying “look you order our units but just know that we really haven’t totally gotten our production ramped up yet and it make take quite a while to get your unit and any parts” I think I’d be a bit more forgiving . But as of yet all I have seen is excuses and broken promises.

I want my money back, take your headset

Our local office is just 2.5 *weeks old. Not an excuse but we are making a lot of progress.

What additional items can we do for you other than test your cable and ship it within one day of receiving it?


Imho comparing a more or less Gaming peripheral to a medical use device is not a fair comparison tbh. A medical device has more requirements before release as it should.


You just proved my point! While they do have to meet higher requirements, they STILL had their act together with their ordering system, supply chain, logistics and more than anything their customer service!! It doesn’t matter whether it’s widgets or passenger jets, if these things ( as well as the reputation of your product reliability) aren’t taken care of… your company gets a bad name… I get it Helio your a fan, you got lucky and your stuff worked… but for what seems to be a LOT of people on these very forums that have not been so lucky. There are many people that are just saying that they want their money back and want to return the headset. I understand you’ll have that with any product, but man there are a TON of problems, they get fed up and don’t want to deal with it anymore. And ya know what all of those threads have in common… they ALL list communication and customer service as part of their breaking point!


Wait hold up… what?? Testing my cable? You mean I have to send my cable to you for testing and you’ll send it back? I was under the understanding that I was getting a cable shipped to me to replace the cable that constantly gives me a 10600 error nearly immediately whenever I move my head, no matter how hard you push the plug into the HMU. Am I understanding your post correctly? Because call me petty but if that’s the case, now I have to screw with boxing this thing up and shipping it as well. If that’s the case I’ll probably just box the whole stupid thing up at the same time and either ask for a totally new unit or more likely just a refund.And as far as what else can you offer… you have nothing else to offer people, so I don’t even know how to answer that question…


Well not really. Oculus & HTC had it’s startup woes in VR.

Comparing a company that is supplying medical equipment is imho just as bad as the fellow who compared to starving children.

When we have Auto manufactures & food processing releasing product that compromises public safety we have clear issues.

I ordered a replacement bios chip for Asus MB & paid more than I should have just to get a brand new board running. I received a chip that resembled a squashed spider & had to straighten the legs. Asus was once & still considered one of the top MB brands.

Another user here recently had his HTC Lighthouse fail 2 weeks after the warrenty period. They will not fix & said buy a new one. And you could look at the sweating issue that killed Vive. The list is extensive. EA’s Origin support you might as well be purple; but after a year & no response a game I paid $10 that installed but license failed; works.

It simply takes time to get things in place in consumer electronics. Medical Technology isn’t even safe; just flick on the TV there are some truly horrible things like ivc filter? Causing servere problems & death. A bad cable is a minor inconvienance in comparison. But don’t confuse this as saying you don’t have a right to be aggravated because you bought something that wasn’t ready out of the box.

Just be glad your dealing with a company that is trying even if slow. If you bought from places like Gearbest; you could receive an item DOA & be expected to pay return shipping for the item. I got lucky with them on my first purchase. A later purchase not so much. They contacted me wanting more shipping fees. When I tried csnceling the order. They had split shipped my order charging me twice the amount of items shipped in fees.

Yes pimax still has a long road ahead to get where they & we would like to see them. But they are at least taking steps to get there.


No they are testing replacement cables before shipping replacements. Their cable supplier sent them a batch or 2 of cables that caused the circumstances of your faulty cable.

So to ensure you don’t get a faulty replacement they conduct extra testing.


??? What are you talking about? I said nothing about sending anything back. When replacement components arrive from the factory we test them before we ship them. An extra test prior to ship only takes a few minutes.


Well they’re on their last chance with me…period. If this cable doesn’t fix this thing it’ll be going back and they’ll never get another dime from me, and I’ll make sure that everyone I know who uses VR steers clear of them as well… it’s really odd that there are certain people on these forums ( who’s stuff always seems to have worked since day one) that believe that everything PiMax does (or doesn’t do) has an excuse. What’s stranger yet is that I still to this day have have my original Rift DK1from the Original Kickstarter Campaign and it still works ! I never had any issues with it from day one… It actually works 100% better than the one sitting right next to it that hasn’t worked since day one… but I suppose there’s an excuse for that as well… ya know Facebook used their witchcraft magic to make it work right yada yada. I guess the long and the short of it is… when I spend my money I expect what I but to do what I buy it for from the day I get it… and if it doesn’t, I expect it to be fixed quickly and with minimal effort on my part (again you already got my money and I don’t work for your business, it’s the other way around). If any of these fail then the company starts to lose credibility quickly in my eyes (and many others I know and work with). And if you constantly hide behind the excuses and use the “ be nice we’re new and things will get better “ line you get to do it for only so long before people start calling you out on your shortcomings. Judging by the amount of problems I’m seeing on here ( not to mention my own) it seems like that day is here.


Your Rift Dk1 then you had better experience than a friend of mine. Whom had to mess with all kinds of things to make it work. Sure it powered on & such but getting it working as intended was fun but the reality it was early days & definitely not for first time users.

The number of lucky folks with day one good fortune is typically higher than those whom have the misfortune of the unpleasant lottery. But often those unfortunate winners are more visible than the “lucky” ones. If I had gone with negative reviews on my last Inet provider; I would have been over paying through the nose.

As for working perfect from day one? I had to do some upgrades & a fresh Windows install to eliminate some issues.

The problem with excuses is that they are often sought & then dismissed.

“Why is my order late?”

“The delivery driver had a flat tire.”

“I don’t want to hear excuses. Why is my delivery late?”

Excuses are often the reality of what is. How we choose to react to them is sometimes unfortunate.

I remember when MacDonald’s gave you free food if your order took awhile. Now you might get an apology.

When you get your new cable I am sure you will be in better spirits. But may still have some hiccups while you get used to adjusting settings & so forth.