[Replied]I'm about to lose my mind here! I beginning to question whether this headset is worth the trouble!


@Doman.Chen could someone please respond to the newest post on SUPEN-4174 please. Thank you


Yes,I just replied to you on that ticket,please check.


I just responded as well.


So, are you enjoying the experience? Was it worth all the passion?


SO… It is finally working correctly and has been for a while now. It is much clearer than the Rift and has less SDE than the Rift by far. Was it worth all the trouble… I’d say I’m ambivalent… It is nicer to have the wider field of view, although it’s not a “game changer” for me… It is nice to be able to see aircraft further away in DCS and to be able to read the displays better in the cockpit. But I just wish to god it wasn’t so hard to get to this point… I kind of equate it to this… Imagine if I said I’m gonna sell you a Ferrari for $600 bucks. But I’m going to ship it to you total 100% disassembled from Italy and you have put it together in your garage… By about week 4 of putting back together you’d be pissed and not really be thinking about having a super cool car once you finally get it working. But yeah its pretty cool… but worth the trouble I had… I’d have to say no.


10 days later you have forgotten about all the troubles, today you will say was it worth the trouble=YES



I’ve had the 5k+ for 3 months and have to agree with you on this…beween Pitool, vid drivers, SteamVR drivers, syncing the basestation to headset…the amount of tinkering to get a choice few games running decently is wearing. Not to mention that 7 out of 10 of my library of games can’t be playejd until the sword or knuckles controllers are released. I find myself playing flat games recently because I just don’t want to bother with the endless tinkering…and I’m a long term gaming/ hardware tinkerer going back 30 years.


It would be interesting to find the cause why some just play while others need to tinker. Wish I had Vive wands & LHes to see if I’d need to tinker or not.

I know on the go setups can require tinkering vs booth setups like VRTO has required very little to none.

I have similar length in game tinkering back to when Game drm systems conflicted with one another & clone cd programs.

Worst is Windows ie how much trouble Live caused til workarounds like unlive.dll came out.


for me, comparing my experience with PSVR and RIFT…the Pimax experience overall is a pain in the butt, and yet worth it when it does what you want and expect. Been having quirky issues the last week so rant over :slight_smile:


Per game Pitool and steamVR settings for a start. Pop in a game on PSVR and it just works period. I miss that tbh. After a long day sometime you just want to dive in and enjoy.


Well it’s a computer. Myself only changes per game “Steamvr & In Game” settings.

Pitool don’t often change unless real need/want. Ie game won’t run.


As I mentioned it’s only the last week I’ve had issue, lately. Overall happy. I do like to tinker yes…as I always have going way back. but not friction of some type everyday. Without motion controllers though I still say this is half an experience, crippled for lack of a more positive way of putting it. A lot of my content sits idle.


As far as figuring out a few settings, it hasn’t been a biggie. Back in the pre-plug&play days of DOS, we would labor over config.sys and autoexec.bat entries, IRQ hardware settings, memory addresses, etc just to play Doom at a LAN party. Figuring out the best SS setting and where to set them seems trivial work by comparison.
I just keep a note on the desktop of what I settled on for any games I have esoteric settings for.


Indeed Doom was a royal pain to get enough base memory free tweaking those setup files. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Overall… I’d say I wouldn’t do it again… Especially since today they the Pitool update popped up on my machine to be done… and now the stupid software won’t work again! The thing wouldn’t delete some of the old files when it was trying to install and thus the install failed. Now I had to delete the old one manually and I’m about to try and reinstall the new version. It better work or I’m gonna once again go ballistic! Things like this with this headset totally make it not worth the money I spent on it!


Exit & kill piservices & install should be fine. Always best to update with programs not running when possible. This is Windows not Linux after all. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Even Steam usually updates before running or askes to restart so it can update/install before running.


They should probably stop services when installing/upgrading then… :wink:

@Doman.Chen: Might be a good idea to stop/start services as part of PiTool install if You’re not already doing that… :+1: