[Replied]IMPORTANT- Discussion between pimax and a customer being forwarded to 60 backers?



@Dallas.Hao @xunshu @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen

Watch what your staff is doing, I have just received a full discussion between a customer (backer) and pimax because pimax replied including about 60 emails from other backers…

This reply was done by Chenn Peng from Pimax, and means you have leaked about 60 emails from backers on top of the discussion we have been able to read between this customer and you…

If Chenn Peng is not from your staff then you may have been hacked and someone may be trying to phish money from backers because the content of this discussion involves “abnormal order status” and pimax (Chenn Peng) asking to check the payment with the bank, so that’s very suspicious.

If you conclude this is not an error from your staff and you have been hacked then let everyone know ASAP !


Also on face book.


This is Chenn from Pimax.

I found the status of your order (placed within 3rd Nov.- 9th Nov.) is abnormal.
Could you please double check with the bank if the payment was made successfully, and let me know about that?

Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have any other question, please do not hesitate and contact me.

Thank you for your support and have a good day.

Best regards,
Chenn Peng"

is this realy from Pimax or is it just a spamer to fisch some credit Card data???"


This is exactly the same content than in the mail that was forwarded to me + to 60 other emails (including one that seems from pimax: sean.huang@pimaxvr.com).

Just I also see what seem genuine answers from a customer (I have received 4 mails in total, all with this subject: “Regarding Your PreOrder-Pimax”).


I talk with support@pimaxvr.com

And they add cheng peng to the email too, they tell that this new person is marketing manager of pimax.

Q3, Q4 - Thank you very much for your interest and support to Pimax VR. I CC this message to our global market manager " Chenn. Peng", you can contact her about this case.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,



Seems genuine then, and just a human mistake from Chenn Peng.
Please pimax ensure this won’t happen again.


Chenn is our new colleague.

Sorry for the trouble and we will enhance the training for new colleagues.


Hi @Dallas.Hao, just a quick question pls.
Received survey 3 times in past 2 weeks and answered it (3 times…) but never got a confirmation or response.
could you check ?



Are you supposed to get a confirmation ? I never did :confused:


Some people did and some no…random apparently :joy:
I also asked them a question on the email so kinda waiting for answer :slight_smile:


We will receive your information if you answered the survey. We will contact backers who’s information is unavailable.


I was very concerned by this too. My Email address was included in his entire mailing list and people were sending screenshots from their PayPal accounts and everything without any thought of confidentiality or security! Very disappointing in this day and age from a company that is in the business of cutting-edge technology!