[Replied]Microphone doesn't work


I started my first VR game with microphone last week. There is absolutely no sound input over the microphone.
I’ve checked my sound setting. I have a lot of sound devices, because of several headsets, and several Screens and a VR headset.
I’ve already used the bad vive microphone, so to check the sound settings is easy for me.
Still doesn’t work.
I’ve read about the policy settings in windows with a new update of microsoft.
The button, that apps are allowes to use my microphone is already on.
Is there anything else, which can help to solve this problem?


Have you tried your headset on different computer?
“Alot of sound devices” you mean amp?


What do you mean with amp?
Tried to uninstall devices like virtual stream (steam, Bigscreen).
No effect…
Possible to plug in only the usb to check out the sound/microphone?
Then it is easy for me to check the micro on another pc…



Then down that way.
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Not sure what you want to say with this. Still don’t have a clue what you mean with amp. I already have read this. And yes, i would send my pimax in to repair it. My pimax has huge gaps. They are so ugly and i have the feeling, it break any time…


i tought with sound devices by hardwere like a amplifier.
but it was software if you read the post and not able to solve it.



Some computers there is no amplificstion on mic.

Pimax mic is usb audio. Try different usb ports (3.0+) & possibly even a powered hub.

Please post mobo model. Some have had to add usb expansion card.

At the bottom of this link there are links that may help.

Getting started faq & table of content wiki


Asus Z170I PRO GAMING Z170

normally i have chosen this Mobo because of the USB controller.
My PC before (Acer Predator) had made a lot of problems with VR headsets…
Already tried all USB ports. Up to USB 3.2 Gen2

I try a different PC later to check if the mic works. I think this wont change anything. We will see


Did you install usb drivers from Asus or relied on Windows?


Was not sure. But this is the Driver from Asus:


If your in Audio mixer does mix show any volume by tapping mic?


Have you made a bios update <-- this can cause a lot of driver connection issues

This might be easier if heliosurge and you use teamviewer.


I don’t have Teamviewer option. We would need @Doman.Chen or one of the otherbpimax tech team.


nope, thats the problem…


Might need to wait for a pimax team member. If your able file a support ticket(Supen) & post your Supen# here @Dallas.Hao


If the Mic is only a usb mic, i will check this later on another device. I have a lot of laptops und PCs to check this problem at my work. I will keep you up to date


Even though the privacy setting in Windows 10 for me had the mic on, I still had to toggle it off then back on again to get another microphone of mine to work…


Doesn’t work for me. Toggled it on => off => on.
No effekt.
Forgot to take the powercable to my work.
I will check another device tomorror


I’ve checked the Pimax now with my Surface Pro 4.
And i’ve checked it with Razer Blade 15.
With all devices no effect. This is so annoying…


I have replied to you on your ticket SUPEN-2996,please check,thanks.