[Replied]Microphone doesn't work


Have sent back the faulty Pimax. It is in Great Britain since 06th April. And it still takes 5-12working days. It’s destroying my mood. Will the new Pimax send from GB or from China? Dont’t want to wait another month…


Still waiting to get some message that i’m getting the replacement device.

and i’ve found this:
Every backer deserves our Pimax special customer service. Once the reported hardware issue of the product is confirmed by the Pimax team online, we will ship a new headset or new accesories to backers to replace the detective ones. Backers do not need to wait until we get the detective products back. (Notes: this is only for backers)
What is wrong here?!?!?


Unfortunately due to some not returning defective units they had to retract the part of ship replacements before returning defects. Did you return with tracking?

If you haven’t post your Supen @Dallas.Hao


Hi, got the confirmation, that the headset already reached the warehouse on 06th april. Sent a picture of the bill and the tracking no. on 4th april.
Michael Wang confirmed that the faulty pimax reached the warehouse.
Backer no. 5621
SN: 20360584702656

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


Mozi or Dallas can look into things.

If you haven’t yet also check your support ticket on support desk & ask for an update there as well.


I look for an update the whole time. Last answer was on 04/11/2019: The new headset will be shipped out in 5-12working days.


No update so far. Send in the faulty pimax on 04/04/2019. Received the confirmation on 04/09/2019, that the pimax has reached the warehouse on 04/06/2019. I still don’t know, when i get a replacement.

@Dallas.Hao @mozi @Doman.Chen


Got a new Pimax yesterday. I can’t believe it. Everything works fine, even the microphone. It took a little longer, but the result is right. Thx