[Replied]Moving world issue

Trying to get that on video but not easy at all sorry.
Picture on my 5k+ is moving with me up down and side ways, not by much but very noticeable, i would say by few millimeters and when in race with motion rig it becomes very unconfortable.
Not sure if could be due to faulty cable but doing this from day one and now i cant not see it .
Has anyone experienced this?
For info i use a single base station 2 meters away from me ( have the same issue when not using BS)
Thanks guys

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there was another person with a 5k and that issue in january. it got solved by getting some firmwareupdate with help from pimax and teamviewer i think

found it: The "moving world" issue, now i finally understand it!
was in dec tho


Yeah i remember something for the style.
@anon74848233 can someone help on team viewer ?
Waiting for answer for cable…now problem with tracking…

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hope the firmware fixes it for you, i changed to 5k just because of the 8k wobble lol

i also noticed that the ipd wheel adjustment has some kind of physical delay, i mean i have to turn it a bit until i feel resistance and ipd shows on screen, then just after i get black screens.

Ohh welcome back :joy:

is it something like my problem? [Replied] Supen 2040 - My picture is splitt in two halfes (massive teardrop) and pixels everywhere

I have a flickering in the half of my left screen.
I am in contact with support but I don’t know how it will go further. I hope they come to the point to sent me an new HMD maybe from an UK Backer :wink:

Just kidding, look at my vid, maybe it is the same.

newest Firmeware for HMD here Pitool & Changelog Download

but my one is running on that version :frowning:


Hey you missed me !!! :joy:

I am always around mate, not the same problem as the video link no, this looks very weird btw.
Got rainbow pixel and flashing black screens every few seconds, also moving world.

What about that new firmware, are people using it and does it fixes anything ?

Hope you get you problem sorted soon :slight_smile:


yeah thanks, the same for you.

The firmware is not that new I think, I remember old posts about an update in dez2018. The most new HMD allready got it. Simple compare your number in PiTool with this P2.1.255.181 and if it is the same you didn’t need to update and it would fix nothing.

Mine says V2.1.255.191

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wow, you got an newer than mine… I would love to know if it solve my Problem

got it from there


I didn’t know excatly if it is related the pitool version (source). I also use the 0,95… but I will give it a try later at home

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You welcome and thanks 4 your help Mate.
I am using the V1.01.1.95, it comes with it

hello jean,
the 91.version is flawed, the 91-version works better … I use the beta-test version 103R91, which is unfortunately no longer available I think … but in the next few days should be a pi tool update come out …

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I had the beta too but was the same but with more black screens.
It looks like we will have to wait.

Are you or have you let Doman.Chen use Teamviewer to control your PC in order to explore your FW and possibly upgrade it. That solution worked for Vracan. I have the same problem and Doman offered to do that for me but it makes me very nervous handing over the keys to my personal computer. No personal offense intended toward him but I just got cold feet at the last minute.

I wish there was a way for the user to check the FW and install the fix.

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We are doing it now and I am seeing him, nothing suspicious atm :wink::crossed_fingers:t3:
Now seriously I think you are safe on that aspect.
I update you later :sunglasses:

I had the same problem you describe with picture moving with head movement. The solution was to have the unit tracking firmware updated remotely by pimax. You cannot do this via pitool. It cannot tell if the tracking firmware is up to date or not. You must contact support at pimax it is the only way.

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Something is definitely off where it feels like the world is jittering or moving. I have run into a myriad of issues on getting setup and kind of ill to my core now so I have to stop. I think this is the issue but I can’t reliably point at it given the other stuff I ran into. Splitting headache now after a few hours of in and out of VR.

FW 191 installed itself automatically with no choice by the user. Why can’t this be packaged to do the same? If for some reason it makes things worse then user reloads 191. @Doman.Chen