[Replied]Not tracking, no sound, no way to submit for support



No idea how to get support on my issues. Can’t log in to submit a support ticket no matter what I try, use the contact us page and no one responds.

I am a kickstarter backer who recently received my 8k HMD and it will not track. It barely did a few minutes and then never again. It is constantly flashing that it is not tracking. Also, sound does not output to the left side unless I slightly push sideways on the jack. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the pimax tool several times. I have deleted the files from AppData Local, nothing works. The base stations are connected and display “Ready.” I hook up my Vive without issue.

Can someone please assist me?

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Please explore this link as it may have solution needed to get your lightbouses tracking your pimax headset.

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I consistently have problems initiating tracking, but once it’s connected, it continues to work fine, until I turn off my headset at the end of the day. Initially, I had the exact same experience that you describe.

Try this: Power on the base stations and then the headset. Quit PiTools, if it’s running. Use TaskManager to kill these processes: PiServerLauncher.exe, PiService.exe, and pi_server. Switch to the TaskManager Sevices page, right-click PiServerLauncher, and click Start. Start PiTools. Hold the headset facing your base station, about 0.5 m away. Slowly move the headset away from the base station (while still pointing the front towards the base station. If you reach ~4 m and the headset still isn’t tracking, move the headset to 0.5 m and repeat the process.

This works for me 100% of the time, even if I have to repeat moving the headset a few times. There’s no need to delete the files.

As for the sound issue, that might be a defective port, or you might have the wrong headphone connecter. My understanding is that the Pimax audio port needs a connector with 3 bands, not 2 like a normal stereo headset, but a headset that has a microphone (or maybe a volume control), like this…


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Can you create a new account for submitting your ticket ?
Tech support team will reply you soon


Folks are still reporting issues with site. Some are able to create or acs account while others cannot.


Neal’s solution did not work. Recreated account on pimax support. Submitted ticket. SUPEN-2805


the login and reset password issues had been fixed. currently the system should work well.


@Sean.Huang has arranged the support engineer,will contact with you soon