[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



My pimax cracked,this morning i picked up the pimax and is was cracked and has lightbleed from the sides.

I have backed the 8k and still waiting on that the device.

But because that one takes a while i bought this one 3 weeks ago from a another backer(5kplus)…He was a very early backer.

And so that i can decide with one to keep…But now the 5kplus just broke…

But this crack has to do with the faulty houses from the pimax.
He was a very early backer.He was backer nummer 17.

So i hope they send me a new one quik,i dont want to be without it…
I paid alot off money for the two pledges…

@Dallas.Hao, @Sean.Huang

About the Pimax 5K+ Black dots Replacement
Request: Better quality packaging, HMD plastic housing/rubber gasket washers in between fittings and better Q&A testing for screens

From how high did it fall off?


No nothing happend…it was just there.

It does look bigger on the picture then it is…

But i am not Happy!
It has to do with that early batch and that there was to much tension on the pimax houses…


I remember seeing the Pimax 4K quality assurance pics from the Pimax offices, they showed that they test them to take a fall from a short distance without sustaining damage to the divice. I mean what a piece of crap if it cant take a 1 or 2 foot drop without damage. I have dropped my Pimax 4k from 2.5 feet with no damage, and I hate to admit but it has hapened like 3 or 4 times from this distance


Sucks man. I hope they will send a new one and you can send this one back after you got the replacement. A bit of tape should fix the light leak in the mean time


But it didnt fall.

i handled the device very carefully,here on this picture you see that the tension on the housing is to much because the sides come somewhat loose…


i want to do that maybe otherwise maybe dust comes inside?

Do you know where the tracking sensors are placed in the pimax?
So i dont cover it up with a small tape…


@sjefdeklerk might have information on this since he has opened his headset. Regarding this problem its amazing he didn’t damage his unit (housing)

@matthew.xu is it possible that @john2910 got his headset with a housing you weren’t happy about in the beginning of the manufacturing?


It was from backer 17 so that could be possible i think…


the very early headsets had quality issues with the housing, it was cause for the long break while they got the housing quality improved. It’s possible simple material stress caused it to crack.


i realy think thats the problem,i hope they solve it quik



@sjefdeklerk do you know where the sensors are in the headset?


O Im not saying you dropped it. Hopefully you dont have any trouble with the RMA.

Also hoping those defects have been remedied with the new housings.

Welp, more Pimax growing pains…


doesn’t matter if you cover up some of them, it will still work flawless.


Sounds like one should have a roll of gaffer’s tape ready, for reinforcing the thing before ever using it, when it arrives. :stuck_out_tongue:


You have LHes? If so did a controller hit? Still shouldn’t break.

Have you submitted a support ticket? If not please do & post ticket number in your post to Matthew & Dallas.


Wow, Thats a MASSIVE crack. Looks like they never fixed the problem from the Beta testing phase. You could just use some black tape


Remember they reported finding a housing issue. Being backer 17 headset likely one that was shipped before discovery.


yea this one is for sure the one with the housing issue,

I hope pimax will respond in a professional way,and helps me further…


And another good thing is that when they send you a new one hopefully it will be one of the later produced with any more updates they might have made :wink: