[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



i hope so…


I made a support ticket about this as well. I got mine from backer 24. The crack/chip I have is smaller, but it still gets light bleed and wasnt due to mishandling. It came this way. I got it back in October and paid no mind to it until recently when I started seeing lightbleed at times. Then I noticed the first batches had bad housings and this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen someone have this issue.


And did you hear anything yet?i hope they handle this professional …


They’re not done with the support ticket. But they seem to be on top of it. I started tues/wed of last week. They’ve answered once a day and friday was the last i heard. I should hear something tomorrow.

I’ve seen other early backers have a similar issue too. I didnt know it was a more widespread issue with bad housings until just recently, and you’re another one that I’ve sen.


My first one cracked too, the plastic is far too weak on those first models, and I confirm nothing hit it too, It was not dropped, it just split.

This is the image @MikeJeffries posted for his:

So that’s 3 so far with cracking housing.



Please respond…

i also have a 8k coming that i ordered i hope the housing is better…


I will contact with my Tech support colleague for fix this headset issue for you.

Please follow these steps:

click the “Support” button on the banner for submit your issue
2.Give me your question number for teach support to contact with you via service desk
3.The issue will be solved soon


Bro,Give me your question number and i will contact with relevant department for quick reply.

Waiting for your question number


what is a question number? @Dallas.Hao


i did fill in tech support about my issue…


Supen number (your ticket number)


The question number is in red square(This is an example)

Can you give me yours?


its SUPEN-829
Best regards


Add me to the crack list

No drop or bang.


Curious what backer # was this from? is it an early one from the first few or more recent? So far the others all seem to be from the first ones made. (backer 6, 17 and 24)


I got already cracked at the bottom when place on the floor. But I think other part has a risk too.

@Dallas.Hao I still can use my headset until the replacement is arrived really. I hope it will not get more cracked.


If you haven’t already submit a support ticket & post number @ dallas.hao


pretty surprised to see the crack as I ALWAYS take care of my toys.
especially the pimax.

Perhaps the team needs to evaluate the possibility of using more sturdy plastic at the cost of extra weight. I wouldn’t mind a little myself.


Thanks~ you are most helpful.


cracked casing at the left bottom corner.


This is no good, hate to see an misplaced Vive wand controller swing result.
The shell housing is obviously too flimsy for it’s intended use.
Lost the weight but gave up it’s rigidity.

Dare I say that the Pimax 4K feels more solid.