[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



I have told @Alan.sun to follow SUPEN-834.Please check the reply from service desk


@john2910 received SUPEN 829
@oysta1109 received SUPEN 834

We will keep you informed on SUPEN and email.


Oysta being backer 686 shows the issue still prevails. The plastic is just to thin and the sharp edges on the design don’t help either.

Then there’s the wideness of the headset and we all slapped a vive controller into a vive before…

I wouldn’t mind another 50-100gr more plastic on my head… but its not only weight, I think its transparency for the sensors too.

Someone has to design some kind of rubber harness for the pimaxes.


Agreed, I had hoped it was just the early batch and there is still a chance Oysta’s HMD still had ended up with housing from the earlier lot, who knows… But its definitely one area that is letting down these HMD’s, the plastic is flimsy, that join looks messy and none of these should be cracking under their own power.


Do you have your 3rd headsets yet so you can do a comparison and see if Pimax has reinforced the latest housing’s compared to your first one?


@Sean.Huang thats great too hear!
So i can keep my till my replacement arrivés?

Thats good news then!
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Not yet, awaiting delivery of HMD #3. The 2nd did feel slightly less flimsy around the power button so I thought they had made improvements…

HOWEVER… I’ve just looked at the 2nd HMD and that one has a crack forming too!!!

I encourage everyone to closely look at their Pimax HMD’s!!! This is going to be quite a serious issue I suspect for Pimax, backers and future customers if nothing changes.


This makes me sad. I understand they want to make an incredible light headset but they should understand it can’t come at the price of cracking the plastics.

Are the people with crackies living in different temperature or humidity environments maybe? Or could the shipping be part of the weakening of the plastics?


They all seem to crack in the same place .


Yea, although I’ve not lifted it to check, visually its like its splitting/peeling/separating, like its layered rather than just a crack straight through the plastic. Like the quality of the plastic itself is not solid. Maybe internally that region is being stressed by something causing it to split.

I’ve never been happy with the look of that join between the front and rear part of the housing, its not straight or neat where they meet, it’s slightly wavey. I’ve never been impressed with the flimsy plastic around that join.

Hate to say it but I believe they should have changed the design of the housing. In time I’m betting we will see a lot more pics like this.


I think one of the first things they did was produce thousands of housings, even before all the rest was made


They indicated that they didn’t, I’m sure they said that initially they ordered a smaller qty, 200-500 ish and they came in mostly bad. Which caused the initial stall in producing and shipping the first 100 whilst waiting for new housing.


Its actually not that obvious to see, the camera flash is what’s exaggerating the whiteness of the crack/join. So unless you look closely its quite possible people don’t know this has happened.


Engineering on the edge. Its possible that this is not pimax fault when they got housing delivered with plastics of lower tensile strength than they calculated with. I dont know how good their QA is, but being an engineer myself i know this is a common problem.


i think this is due to the headset heatup/cooldown cycle expanding/contracting the plastic casing until it breaks.

did pimax do any thermal testing?


i think that also…


Agreed, as you’d said in discord, the plastic appears brittle and maybe its susceptible to minor temp changes over time.


Are the people with cracks using Vive DAS maybe?


Not here. 2x HMD’s with the problem, both not modded and handled with care!

(Although I don’t see the DAS mod likely to change much with respect to where this issue is occurring on the front plastic cover)


As the mod uses original head mount straps locations. Will have to take a closer look at my units but so far so good. But if my housings were from samples. Often suppliers make sure samples are perfect so to speak.