[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



I’d like to note I’m very careful in handling the helmet – I clarify this to exclude any suspicion of carelessness.
Also I would like to note that I use Pimax 8K rarely, I use more WMR Lenovo Explorer.
Today after I read this message I have decided to check my helmet and also have found some cracks. The cracks are on the left side of the helmet on top and in the bottom. Also please draw your attention to the fact that the plastic in the corners is very thin and the backlight shines through it. It is sad if the further controllers will be made of such plastic.


You can see your seems are stressed due to how they fit.

Make sure you submit a support ticket & post number.


What a shame! :frowning:

Other than op, all of these are about the same spot and look very similar.

Side note, those joins really mess with my OCD… and I don’t have OCD! :slight_smile:



Make sure you submit a support ticket & post SUPEN number.


Thanks for your help.


You could try using a clear tape (ie Scotch/packing tape). Then you wouldn’t have to worry as much about the sensors being covered.


An ever so slightly overtightened screw can cause enough stress to break stuff sometimes - especially given time. :7

What I am somewhat curious about, in light of all this, if how this affects Pimax’s situation with their business customers - especially those who will have the device rough-handedly pass between dozens of users every day. One would think that device ruggedisation (…including swift fitting, and hygiene) would share first place among the concerns of those, together with the a comprahensive service contract.


At a Pimax backer meet I spoke with Pimax about the BE edition and the differences with the consumer version… I was told that one of the features of the BE is that it comes with sturdier shells and cabling because of the rough-handling needed for businesses and that was one of the reasons that the BE edition cost more than the consumer edition.


Do you know this or is that a guess? The sensors use infrared light, not visible. The tape being clear in the visible spectrum is no guarantee that it’s transparent in the infrared spectrum.


Ok after reading this thread I can confirm mine is cracking on the corners.
I can also confirm that the pimax has had royal treatment.
It lives on top of my bookshelf when not in use & has had No drops or bangs other than normal picking up & putting down.
Also nobody else has used it apart from myself.
Although the cracking isn’t that bad, I can see it’s going to get worse with time.
I can only imagine what might happen if it takes a hit from a controller, or is actually dropped.
Backer number 594
Ticket number: SUPEN-849


Ah! That’s reassuring. :slight_smile:


Just a guess. It is something that could vary based on brand/model/etc and is something that would usually need to be checked out on an individual basis. However, I would say it is less likely to have issues than tape that isn’t clear.

I didn’t say you don’t need to worry at all… just that your could worry less.


This issue is VERY FREAKIN concerning. I do not want a HMD that will crack with white glove treatment after a week or 2. I have several HMD’s all from 1st week launches, so a couple years use for them and NONE have any damage whatsoever. It just kills me that NO ONE at Pimax had the ability to see that the plastic and even the shell design was of poor quality and design. It is these simple things that just baffle me how they occur. How can they not see for themselves when they hold a competitors product in their hand how different it feels from their own. You can see how bad the plastic and quality of fit/design in pic after pic posted. Pimax wants a quality product I assume. Then they need to build it with quality. Who the hell with an interest in VR as the target audience of the Pimax line is, would be happy with shoddy materials and construction for a ‘premier’ headset.

C’mon Pimax Team. Demand better of yourselves. It feels good delivering quality. Try it! It also keeps you around longer and even if it costs a few cents more per unit to add that quality it can generate more revenue long term.


Indeed a inch pound torque driver would be a good idea if not already used to remove varience from one assembler to another.


Ensure you submit a ticket & post at dallas here to monitor.


People shouldn’t worry, at least i don’t.
Pimax seems to be stepping up the game regarding backers support.
If anything wrong we just contact Support and done :slight_smile:


Lol, now haven’t you changed your tune quite dramatically fella. Hehe. :grin:


Well, that letter was convincing and in past few month been positive i think :slight_smile:
In that case it is clearly a hardware fault and as backer we should get a replacement before even sending our back.


nothing some black electrical tape won’t fix.

In all seriousness , what was your backer number?


that was nummer 17…