[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



Hello, @Dallas.Hao

I dont get any response anymore from the support.
Whats going on?


Best regards


they get a lot of requests lately, thats going on.
but now that u pinged him, he will have someone check it. dont worry <3


Mine has also started to develop a crack along the left edges. Backer 551. 1. SUPEN-881 @Dallas.Hao


Only 5k+ have cracks right?

Well, thats one more things on the list for 5k+
I remember someone’s advice, with sugar on it, to go 5k+ , it should have been with some lube.


That makes no sense as it’s the same housing. Come on, Ludx… :slight_smile: Get over it… :smiley:

You prefer the 8K (so does Robin Weng (the founder of Pimax) if You watch the latest video from Sebastian). Good for You… :slight_smile:


True but a jesting jab none the less. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles::joy:


But now this: Pixel noise an flashing in new 8K and this: 8K Disconnected HMD (10500)


Could the reason that most issues are regarding the 5K+ perhaps be that most headsets out there are 5K+? :wink:

I know it’s a shot in the dark, but still… :smiley:


@Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao whats going on here with your support?

You said there will be a new unit on my way?

But now i get those strange questions instead off sending me a new one!

This is what they are asking,by the way the pictures i already did send:

would you please help me check the causes of the problem?
1.take photos(whole headset and the packing box,inside&outside)
2.do you have used any Chemical,like perfume,Hand Cream?
hope for your understanding,thank you.

Alan Sun



Since you mention this, I re-check the housing and found a crack top right corner. Already submitted my ticket (SUPEN-596) @Dallas.Hao on December15, 2018 to support team for display light leak issue. Awaiting for replacement.


not much point for replacements if we don’t know if the replacements have such issues resolved.


But i dont want a broken one,there was a bad housing in the first batch…

Even the second batch isnt very sturdy,but the first batch was bad(the one that i got)


@Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao why is the support responding so slowly?
Its a big problem and i like to know soon where i am up too.



Buddy I have been waiting a month for a replacement one with not working headphone jack as they have to ship it out from China/Hong Kong, their comms are not great grow some patience does it work if so wait and they will send you a new one.

Makes you sound like a 2 year old…


I know this is distressing but try to be patient with resolving backer surveys & the current headset support issues & events. They are likely quite swamped with small staff size.


I think they just want to have more information to investigate and identify the origin of the problem in order to make a new revision problem-free in the future and at the same time send you a new unit.


chemical reaction may cause hardened plastic but easily breaking, like with peroxyde for example


Yea that’s why I withdrew xD



I see that you edited this post now:

@john2910 received SUPEN 829
@oysta1109 received SUPEN 834

We will keep you informed on SUPEN and email.

Before the edit from this post, you said a new unit is on our way??
And now it isnt,what going on??


Received a updated email from @Doman.Chen: “We are ready to ship your replacement,we will send you tracking number tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.”
Mind you, my ticket was raised on the 15/12/2018. So you have an idea how long it take to resolve the issue. Hopefully it will be faster when a dedicated UK support centre is setup Q2. This was mentioned @mixedrealityTV live interview video with the head of US Pimax team.


This will improve with time. With less than 100 employees. They need more resources & time to train & expand team.