[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



I received the same email about the cracks.
I will provide them this information, but really this is a waste of everybody’s time.
Although I think the pimax headsets look really nice.
If you have one of these headsets, you know how light they feel & the sound the plastic makes when you tap it is not reassuring.
The plastic is simply far too thin & brittle on the pimax.
That added with the angles of the pimax casing is just asking for trouble.
I have 3 other VR headsets & when you hold one of these (psvr, og vive, vive pro), you just know they are made of quality, sufficiently thick, strong plastic, which could take a knock.
Unfortunately the pimax does feel very fragile in comparison.
I’m not sure what type of plastic pimax are using, but you can just tell it’s not the same & you wouldn’t want to drop it.


Just wait and let the support does it’s work.

I would prefer a replacement that’s durable, not “hey here is another one give it a try” replacement.

Give pimax abit time to breathe and process the situation.


Yep, from all accounts they went with a too thin of walls for the case along with perhaps too many sharp angles and finally too brittle of a plastic. They need to make some changes. A few more grams of weight will be a fair trade off for durability.



We have received several cases about cracked devices.
A team has been setup to investigate the cracked devices.
For headset, we will contact you by SUP and email, please do not worry about it.


And/Or the assemblers are each tightening screws at different torque values causing additional stress.


Hi Sean

Are the assembly workers using torque druvers to ensure screws are not over tightened?


I also not get any more reply from email support, who should contact?

edit : just get the email of replacement, thanks.


The reason the Vive is so much heftier (in strength and weight) is that they only used the transparent plastic over the sensors and a stronger plastic everywhere else (hence the dimples).


Have noticed a little crack appearing on the corner of mine in roughly the same place as yours how did you get on with pimax support,at the moment the crack is tiny but looks like its due to stresses on the casing from casting or something


Just as an update…
With a few messages to Dallas, Doman, and a Support Ticket, I have an RMA in place within a week, and it’s already shipped. UPS Tracking shows it arriving 1/15/2018.

A+ for their Customer support
Thank you again @Dallas.Hao and @Doman.Chen


Contact support via the link in banner & post your support (supen) number here.

Which headset did you receive & date plz.


I already got the RMA approved. I dont need to do another support ticket @Heliosurge

and I have the 5k+ which i provided pics above. Received in October 2018. Backer 24.


The received is for @Hoochyuk & detail on msg support of crack. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I recieved a 5k+ was an early shipped oneand have emailed support,at the moment its really small but looks like its inder stress as the plastic is lighter at end of crack like it could spread


Are you saying that they support crack? :laughing:


What I’m asking myself is, if all the replaced HMDs will last longer, as they come with the same housing, from the same supplier that haven’t got new specifications for production from Pimax, I guess. Am I wrong?


Lol guess should be more clear. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:



I have no crack anywhere yet - checking daily :sweat_smile:

but my housing joints are looking much smoother/cleaner than most I saw on here.
so if pimax would change the assembly method alone that could help already.

but its a fact, the plastic is too thin and brittle.


I have a feeling that because of the high brightness option in pitools(that i use)

The housing gets hot,after you stop using in the housing cools down quik and the tension on the thin plastic get to much…

Just a gues…