[Replied]O no my pimax 5kplus cracked!



Supen-1059 @Dallas.Hao

Add me to the list, 5k+ backer #540. Cracked on the upper left and lower right.


Remember to submit a support ticket via the link in banner & post Supen-XXX here with @ dallas.hao




vive is way too heavy. its the first headset I’ve used where i feel like im swinging a pendulum from my face


I will add some tape to the corners when I get mine as a preventative measure


Or maybe someone can make a transperant projective case just like we have on our phones…


Was thinking about a 3mm thin strip of strong protective black tape just over the weak spot and corners , better than waiting for replacement HMD etc , hopefully the newer hmd’s don’t need it but I can imagine someone bashing the (unprotected ) corners with a controller at some point and we know they have a weak point there.
I actually found that using thin strips of velcro ( the soft side ) strategically stuck on my vive controllers saved them many times from wall damage and didn’t interfere with the tracking


I haven’t used it personally but that agrees with what I have heard from most other people. That is why I described it as hefty (definition: “large, heavy, and powerful”). Think lumberjack.


Did Pimax switch the factory producing casings?


I suspect, how often we can claim about this cracked?
I think may we not enjoy so much when we have to return and pimax have to ship new headset again and again.

Pimax will not lose profit if they have to do that for a lot of times?
@Dallas.Hao I suspect about the warranty policy of this issue.


I doubt that refinishing or replacing of the casing is possible, they workload seems too much. Usually established tech companies have a return rate of 2-5%. I would guess Pimax has considered a higher return rate, but that’s only speculation.


Does anyone know whether this issue is exclusive to 5K+ headsets and /or earlier shipments? Has Pimax commented whether they improved the casing or testing since this issue was first reported?


I can’t imagine in the current state from all reports they could survive a 2-3ft drop test without shattering, let alone any height greater. Not sure what kind of durability testing they did but seems they never noticed all their test units were cracking after just simple use after a while let alone after drops.


Perhaps then this is more an issue of heat expansion then contracting when cooling creating the cracks? I do remember them posting some images of their testing process. You also have to bear in mind the headsets at the backer meets and various events being used extensively. I don’t recall any reports of cracked HMDs then - someone can correct me if I am wrong. The first time this was reported was when we had that private tester forum leak about the cracked HMD during the test phase. It’s either a bad batch, older version or shoddy construction.


thats how mines looking,awaiting support now but hopefully won’t be a problem,they seem pretty helpful.


Same here also I just checked cracked in one corner started cracking in other. But pimax no rush I can still use it please get the rest of the backers filled first. @Heliosurge @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu * SUPEN-1121

Other than this issue and it not working with Ark this headset is awesome.


Wow there seems to be a lot of headsets cracking in the same place.


It’s clearly a common problem. I hope it’s only an issue for headsets that were built in the first few batches.


this is my first post here, so please be easy on me.

Having read all about the cracks on the housings of the pimax hmd I am concerned about the silence from pimax on this subject. No word about improving the quality or material thickness of these housings.
Just replacing faulty units will not cure the root cause.


Pimax has mentioned that there was some sort of holdup with the earliest production headsets. Many of the housing were being rejected by QA, for reasons that are not exactly clear.

My hope is that these cracked headsets were the early ones which passed inspection (but were still very weak). Pimax said that they switched to a different housing supplier. My hope is that those newer headsets might be sturdier. I know I’ll treat my 8K very gently.