[Replied]Pimax 5k+ doesn't wake up from StandBy Mode



i can appreciate your position. Though @mozi definitely deserves a medal for coming into this position trying to get things sorted. But too big a task for one imho.


I guess i was just to impatient. Without further notice the package is on the way to me.


I’ve received yesterday my replacement headset. With the Firmware Version V2.1.255.186 preinstalled and no other apparently difference to my previous one, the problem seems to be solved.

Thanks Pimax for the Support and Sorry that i got impatientience inbetween :slight_smile: It’s only because i like the 5k+ so much and can’t live withone it anymore as you surley can understand :smiley:


That’s somewhat odd, I have the same problem and my firmware is higher at V2.1.255.193

@PimaxUSA can you tell me if there is a fix or do I need to start a ticket too?


I also have this same issue with my 5k+, firmware V2.1.255.193.

Its only the backlight that turns off because i can faintly see the image in the HMD by facing a bright light.

I can use the reboot hmd button in pitool to fix it but that means having to exit whichever vr game or app im running and loosing progress because its very hard to do anything meaningful when seeing only the faintest dark image due to light passing through the case of the hmd.


@Dallas.Hao please add to early backers. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Issue Fixed:

6.Modify the method of closing the screen and brightening the screen after the helmet is immobile for a period of time to repair the occasional problem of inability to wake up after sleeping.

Fingers crossed!


Been trying the current 121 out and the issue of it not waking up is gone.

However it is only the panels that blank out so that nothing is displayed, the backlight is still on when the hmd is immobile, this is both when steamvr is running and when it has been exited.


Same, do we need to make a new post about that now, or is it the same with everyone?