[Replied]Pimax 8K arrived and broke within 5 minutes



My motherboard doesn’t have a USB 3.1 port on it :frowning: Will try restarting piservice though, see if that gets me anywhere


Which reminds me, You can also try to unplug any unused USB device(s) for troubleshooting.


I do agree that it sounds like a USB driver issue, but I have no good solution for it. Restarting PiService doesn’t seem to do anything for it. Also, my laptop also has the same issue, and I haven’t seen that many driver issue posts, so it should probably work at least there…


Check your mobo site & install usb & chipset drivers. Update Bios if available. Use min usb 3.x ports on back of Mobo.


BIOS is latest. Will check for USB and chipset driver updates, the ones from Windows Update are probably not the best ones. But I can’t see how those would cause this, that seems far more likely to just generally don’t work at all, but it did, for a whole lot of 5 minutes…


Windows is reported not to do a good job with looking after drivers as they often try to install generic ones.


Yep, that didn’t do it either :frowning:


Also, again, it doesn’t work on my laptop either so it’s either a cable issue or a HMD issue. Will get that replacement power cable tomorrow and test it that way. If that doesn’t work, that’s sad


Sorry to hear. Do you have a powered usb hub?


I think the ones on the mobo should be powered, but I do have a hub somewhere. I can also just re-use my Vive’s box since that one is powered.


Okay, now it’s connected… So bad power supply, or just need a powered USB?

Will see if the connection sticks


If it’s working with thr Vive Box sounds like not enough power on the 5v rail for usb.


Aaand it did that second thing again. Whole screen went gray, positioning doesn’t work on the HMD anymore. Controllers still work though…

PiTool says “place the helmet in the visible position of the base station” even though it is…

If I restart it now it’ll probably be the same error all over again

Edit: controllers stopped tracking too I think. Also, the top LED is still a steady green even tho the headset doesn’t track anymore and doesn’t show anything just gray color. SteamVR says the headset is in standby mode?


Sounds like a bad cable to me. Though USB problems are often mystical.

Though regarding the known problems of the Pimax cables, I would, if I were you, go thru the cable cm by cm gently twisting the cable all the way. And move all the connectors slowly in every angle they go to see if theres a bad contact.

Dunno if that made any sense with my shitty English skills.


Check in the 5k 8k directory there is a troubleshooting wiki. It’s in tge banner topic


Sounds like the USB chipset never had to stand so much abuse and been adequate until pimax came along and thrust that bandwidth down its throat.

I’m using a crosshair hero vi mb, and you would thinkit being a premium mb would be fine, for me only the 3.1 type c port was trouble free for the 5k+ on this board


Yeah but that if that was the case it wouldn’t work for 5 minutes, would it?
Unless it overheats from the workload since it can technically handle the bandwidth but the parts aren’t quite adequate and hit their thermal limit…


Exactly the same for me, 5mins into game I grey out, USB device lost and regained and sometimes become unable to function.


Okay, that’s actually useful info to know. New motherboard it is. Sigh…


If you have open pci-X slots you might be able to install a usb 3.1 card.