[Replied]Received 5K+ but left screen is different



Just received my 5k+ and am currently a little disappointed. The left screen seems washed compared to the right and the color calibration seems completely different than the right screen, blacks almost have a red tone to them. I will upload some comparison pics. Have tried different software and games and its still shows. Upgraded to the latest nvidia drivers and nothing fixed. Hope to have a software solution without having to deal with an RMA at this point.
Will update once I hear from the support team but right now I don’t even want to use the damn thing, its making my eyes hurt.


In the left screen do you see anything that looks like backlight leak? extra bright at the edge (especially top and bottom) such as we’ve experienced here
and in @aesopfabled post: here ?

Not seeing it on your second pic, but just checking.


Yup there definitely is light bleed on the left eye. Shit



Another one… sorry to see. Hopefully pimax are true to their word and now have replacements at their distribution places and can get you a replacement “quickly”?


Thanks, about to open a support ticket. I had a bad feeling I would be one of the unlucky ones as well.
@Dallas.Hao A little help please?



Would you please help tell us your SN number on the headset?


Just sent a PM with the serial number, thanks


Hello Sorry for the trouble.

Please contact our support team via servicedesk if the advice from forum not working well ,
The servicedesk link : http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/


Check the frames surrounding the lenses. One of mine was sticking out more rha than the other and gently pushing it in made it pop back in. This solved some visual issues I was having with the affected eye.
Worth a try.


Thanks, gave it a try and the lens did not budge. Gave it a generous push but felt no adjustment. I will keep testing and attempting to re-install software and hardware. Customer support ticket has been opened so far, lets see how that goes.

Thanks for the suggestion though, wouldn’t have thought of that.


I am absolutely disappointed in the quality control that is going on with these headsets. I finally received my replacement unit and its worse than the one I already had. There is a dead pixel in the left screen and worst of all there are a ton of pixels that appear to be “flashing” white all over both displays, that is the best way I can explain it. I will add a link to a video I tried to take with my phone. The flashing pixels are more apparent against a dark background, what the hell man. The optics are the only thing that works on this one, the optics on my first headset are trash and something is off, and I have already verified that the lenses are in place correctly. Come on pimax, get it together, I now have two headsets that don’t work! @Dallas.Hao I also tried to reset my feedback forum password and said that my account is not able to reset the password and that I need to contact your support team to reset password. Come on guys! Fix this!


Have you tried swapping the cables over ? There are apparently some faulty cables in the last batch that was sent to backers .


I’m going to try that right now, thanks, don’t know if that will do anything about the dead pixel in the left screen. I wish I could take the lenses off the replacement unit and swap them on my first headset, the light bleed on the original has improved a lot since if first received it, not sure why, but the optics are just god-awful on the first one, something is off enough to cause eye strain after a while but the replacement has the optics aligned perfectly.


Yeah it won’t fix the dead pixel but it might make it usable while you wait for no 3 . I think it’s safe to say we are the beta testers for Pimax .


Are you sure it’s a dead pixel and not a dust particle ?


So the cable swap did fix the flashing pixels, thanks! But the dead pixel is still there of course. I never thought I could be so disappointed having 2 pimax headsets on my desk.

@Dallas.Hao can you guys help me reset my feedback forum password? And make sure you don’t leak my personal information in the public forums as you guys have done to other users please.

Is it even possible to attempt to take the lenses of the replacement headset and swap them on the first headset? Or should I just wait again for another replacement???


It looks like a dead pixel to me, but if it is a dust particle what can I do to address it? Should I try taking the lenses off?


Sweviver has a video of how to remove and replace the lenses on his YouTube channel .


Swapping the lenses won’t fix the backlight problem though .


Thanks I found the video but I cant even figure out how to remove the hard plastic cover that holds the foam and im afraid of pulling harder and potentially breaking that part I’ll have to look around online to see if someone has a video that shows the proper way to remove the hard plastic