[Replied]Received 5K+ but left screen is different



Apparently you have to pull on the face plate quite hard .


Thanks for all the tips, I managed to take the plastic cover off, it does take more force but I still think its a dead pixel because if its dust then its under the glass cover that is directly above the panel, which may be just as bad as a dead pixel. Interestingly enough I did notice that the foam padding on the replacement headset seems a little more “solid” thicker and does seem to make a difference in the headset. Whatever the difference between the more soft squishy foam on the original and the more rigid solid pad in the replacement it does help a bit. Also noticed that the exact positioning of the foam pad itself seems to affect the perceivable optics. Seems like slight variations of any of the sides can replicate an uneven distance between the left and right eye in relation to each panel. Cant really prove it but I did notice a difference immediately when I swapped the thicker foam panel on my old headset. For what its worth, I’m tired, its past midnight and I’m done testing these units, I’ll just wait to see what pimax tells me but so far I’m 0/2 as far as headsets.


Unlucky mate… Hope you get a new one


Anyone have a testing procedure to help PIMAX with their QA issue? why can’t they test the cable and check for dead pixel? why does the customer have to check it for themself and having to return it?


@Sean.Huang can you answer to this very good question please.


@Alan.sun you need to look at this


They shipped several different foam thicknesses without telling anyone or giving them a choice of thickness. That changes the distance from your eyes to the screen and can cause all sorts of issues. When wearing the proper thickness users reported reduced distortion and a few other things that I can’t recall at the moment.


I’m absolutely convinced I’m going to receive a duff headset too. At least I won’t be too disappointed. Lol.


You sound just like me, and I ended up getting 2 crappy headsets, I hope you don’t have to go through the same thing though, this sucks and has totally left a horrible taste in my mouth. I can totally understand getting a faulty headset but sending a REPLACEMENT without it being properly checked to someone who they know already received a bad one, is beyond comprehension to me. And they have the audacity to post a picture of their quality checkers, they all look like high schoolers, how could they possibly miss a faulty cable and a dead pixel right smack dab in the middle of one of the screens. I don’t think I will ever back another small headset manufacturer.


After receiving a second faulty unit with a bad cable and a dead pixel, they send me a replacement cable and ask me if i can just ignore the dead pixel ON A REPLACEMENT UNIT!

I wonder if they can just ignore if i do a charge back on my credid card? How does a company just tell a consumer, can you just ignore our shitty problems with what you paid for?

Get it together pimax and get your quality testing in line!


It sounds like Martin is angry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll walk myself out now :zipper_mouth_face: