[Replied]Received 5k+ No power



Got my 5k+ headset today and the same problem. Lights never came on no matter what. strange though Pitool was already installed and when I plugged it all in it downloaded drivers and the blue bar went 100% and just hung there forever. Because the headset is dead?

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[Solved, bad power adapter]Received 5k+ Headset Will Not Turn On

Just got a voltmater on the PS. Its right at 12v


Just to confirm with only the wall adapter plugged in (no usb or dp connected) no red led on headset?

If so likely bad wall adapter. If you have a multimeter you can check output voltage.

If you have a 12v wall plug with min 2 amps can test as well.

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Can you measure amps? One user had low amps


let me see. My probe is a little large for the hole but I was able to get a voltage


actually voltage is 11.9V. My amp meter is not functional. Time to go by homedepot. Gotta stop leaving batteries in stuff for years. lol


If you haven’t yet sign uo for a support account & file a support claim. Post Supen here.

Also check headset cable end as sometimes has been reported loose.


cable is tight at the headset


I filed the support ticket SUPEN-3298


Hi,we will reply to you on your ticket SUPEN-3298,please check later.


You can not test the amperage from the plug like that, you need to measure it between the power source and the power consuming application in this case the Pimax headset.

Edit. Check if the connector is fully plugged in the pimax headset
Edit2 I see @Heliosurge was faster with that advice


You are correct a load has to be drawing current inorder to measure it. I dont have a clamp type fluke meter that measures current. That would be an awfully small amperage too, The connector looks and feels secure and flush to the unit. Tonight i notice a green light flash once and I have volume control in windows. cant seem to repeat that green light flash though.


Is this going to be like 2 email exchanges a week and nothing ever get done?


You cant use a clamp meter for dc current. Only for ac. You need to properly connect a multimeter on dc amp settings inline on the positive but tbh i cant see how testing this way could be any use.
you won’t be able to rule anything out.
If the power source is faulty it wont give enough amps.
If the hmd is faulty it wont draw enough amps.
Its the same reading on the meter for both.


Hopefully not. @Doman.Chen can this gentleman have an update? Might be an idea to have Pimaxusa send him a wall psu to verify as it should be a quick way to check.


It might be a cable issue,the after sales team will send you a new asap.


Is there a shipping tracking number I can get?


So after 9 days they people handling my SUPEN ticket have agreed to ship a new cable. We shall see.


My replacement cable arrived today. I haven’t had a chance to test it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to test it tonight. I’m going out of town in the morning, so it may be awhile before I know if it fixes my pixel sparkles and black/white flashes issues.


“We have no cables in US office right now. Once we receive some, we will ship it to you. Pls be patient”