[Replied]Received 5k+ No power



Just means demand is higher than received supply. Sure next shipment will be much larger as they will have better understanding of demmand. Plus they will need a higher supply for when they can offer cables for purchase.


what it means is they dont want to pay for shipping from China to me. They would rather get a discount by shipping bulk and making me wait, And then possibly again if its the HMD thats dead.


Well it only makes sense as Support Centers are built to have warrenties taken carw of by the local office. Things should start moving easier in this region overall because of it.


Ok so out of the blue UPS says its to be delivered tomorrow. Good grief. One hand doesnt know what the other is doing? I am very happy about it but the communication is frustrating. They must have had stock.


Darn. New cable same results. no power. Pimax has been on my Pc. USB works, power injector works, NVIDA drivers up to date, Display port works. Must to a dead HMD


If the headset has no red light when plugged into the wall. Then it is possibly wall psu.


not going down that rabbt hole again. I have two power supplies. I need a headset that works or a refund


Well if you have 2 wall adapters 12v 2Amps then is likely the headset.

With just the power supply connected. O dp or usb. The headset led should be red.