[Replied]Shipping to Canada



i am getting 5k+. The issue is that it is stuck at a fedex facility


Is HC shipping this week?


I understand that. Was just try to see how far back the hold up goes.

If you had no ordering issues then, we know units at least as far back as you may be in Hong Kong.


Couldn’t find a Fedex schedule for 2019. Last year the were down 1st week of CNY in HK


some US backers have opened an account with usps mychoice and in this way can see their parcel in the que…wish there was a way Canada backers could do the same with carriers here…is there? A stretch, I know.


You can if you get your tracking number before it arrives.


I believe FedEx InSight is the same sort of thing as UPS My Choice. Not sure if it will actually work or not though. I signed up for InSight on the 30th and it still shows my account as pending and doesn’t show any shipments. I’m in the Shipped tab on the latest spreadsheet and but haven’t received a tracking number or any indication that my Pimax has been shipped aside from that.


yeah im in the same boat. Hard to imagine an entire country shutting down for 2 weeks.


That’s the answer I was looking for, thanks :slight_smile:


no ^hit S^e^l^c^ :wink:


Gee I thought you knew that from my reply. All international shippers track to your door,


The tracking info sent to me by Pimax shows that mine is coming by FEDEX (backer 8XX) and is stuck is Hong Kong. To make matters worse it now shows a red ! mark and says that there has been a shipping exception. What the hell does that mean?


Chances are, shipping label is created, but FEDEX never receipt the package from HK warehouse…
I think problem is on HK warehouse.


What ever the HK warehouse status atm, it will remain that way unit the 11th.

“We officially begin our holiday today which lasts from February 2nd through February the 10th. Work will resume on February 11th so any emails and other communications with our team will receive replies after we resume on February 11th.”




No. I didn’t know UPS My Choice existed, until I read about it on this forum (a few weeks ago). You will get notifications when any UPS package is sent to your address (with your name). You don’t need the tracking number.





As Neal says, nope. You just fill out your name and address when you create account and they will show you anything coming without the need for a tracking number(You go to manage UPS My Choice in Tracking drop down menu, shows a calendar). But the fact they show it to you allows you to get the tracking number from the details info they provide for each shipment.

Pretty cool and useful.


That whoosing sound was your point getting by me for a sec there. Gotcha now. Too bad we can’t do the same with FedEx InSight .


The logistic and communication grade for Pimax is 1/10.


I am seeing posts on reddit where backers in the US between #'s 6000-7000 have already received their headsets. Why is Canada so far beind?


I think it’s because yours got sent to Hong Kong warehouse. Hong Kong is China again since the lease ended, so nothing moving out of that warehouse for weeks now? It’s what I’m led to believe, I don’t know this as fact.