[Replied]Shipping to Canada



Pimax confirmed to me and other Canada backers that they would ship “direct” and avoid going through the US warehouse to avoid delays and additional costs. Only problem is they shipped ours together with all others to the HK warehouse first, which is a ghost town for the next 10 days ha, too funny :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Simply put Trump & the democrats have a brief truce.


of course nobody at Pimax could have predicted this and given backers a head’s up. /s


Fedex just called me for the 27$ fee and got my tracking at the same time. its in transit (updated today from hong kong) scheduled for a thursday delivery. Crossed fingers Backer 330x


Are you saying your tracking number indicates it’s in Hong Kong?

  • Tuesday , 2/05/2019

7:37 pm


In transit

  • 3:55 pm


In transit

  • Monday , 2/04/2019

10:45 pm


At local FedEx facility

  • 4:30 pm


Just saw another post on reddit by a Canadian. Backer 5xxx said he got a call from fedex today asking to pay $26 import fees for a package that is scheduled to be delivered. This is great news for canadians. things are finally moving.


Thanks. If you see movement this week out of TW please post here. There last year Fedex closed, the first week of CNY, for general shipments. Think you might be their until Monday 2/11.


No problem I will post again as soon as i have more info


What area of Canada do you live in?


Im from Quebec near Montreal


Ottawa here, hoping for tracking info soonish.


Calling Fedex to get your tracking is the best you could do for now.


How does that work? Do you just give them your address and they’ll tell you the tracking number for any packages on their way to you?


Thats right! They will ask you the destination address and will confirm with you the origin of the package.


damn, so this does work the same way as MYusps or whatever they call it in the states! You don’t need a tracking number to confirm that a package is on the way :slight_smile: Going to call them.


Just called Fedex, nothing yet…but it does work to track by address alone happy to confirm. Will try again in a few days, as well it could be from CP or DHL (who knows if all are from Fedex) to Canada backers.


Why on earth the package needs to transit through Taiwan? Hong Kong has direct flight to Canada…


The package is site seeing I would say…


What number did you call? The number on their site just brought me to a shitty phone tree and I couldn’t find a way to get a human