[Replied]Shipping to Canada



good news, I’m happy that things are finally happening for fellow Canadians. Will have to check my status with Fedex again later today.


Apparently ours are stopping through the US, considering mine just touched down in Anchorage Alaska.


Now in America Ho yeahhh


Arrived at FedEx location



Same with mine. Looks like many Canadian will receive their 5k_ tomorrow.


So close 67xx here. I now wonder just how many Fedex got out of Pimax HK warehouse.


I’m 67** myself. just checked Fedex, nothing on the way for my address …some made it out before CNY and some not I presume. Damn…


Mine just arrived in Anchorage as well. I wonder when they will split up


backer#47xx, just got my call. 25$ import charges, estimated to arrive friday!


nothing yet for you as well?


Mine is chillin in Alaska with the rest of the 5k+ bros. Hope to see my new baby tomorrow or Friday!


backer 57XX, just paid my fedex import fees $36
Should be here tomorrow.
Was looking to get my computer ready, but the pimax website says that the pitool is not available.
Could anyone send it to me?


My FedEx fees were $15, two others were $25, and now there’s one at $36? Would really like to know how FedEx calculates the import fees. Maybe based on the number of coffee breaks they take?


Sorry it was $34.39 not 36.
In case anyone knows the fedex secret sauce.


What??? how are you getting yours tomorrow. i got my tracking number on jan 25 and its still being held in TSUEN WAN, HK. I am backer 795 by the way. Well if you get your pimax tomorrow i will be dismayed and in utter shock.


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Are you in Toronto? I also got the call from FedEx today and the amount was the same.


It seems my Pimax is in Memphis now. Also, FedEx tracking is scuffed as hell lol

Thursday , 2/07/2019
* 2:24 am MEMPHIS, TN - In transit
* 1:11 am MEMPHIS, TN - Arrived at FedEx location

Wednesday , 2/06/2019
* 9:00 pm TA YUAN DISTRICT TW - In transit
* 8:05 pm TA YUAN DISTRICT TW - In transit
* 3:52 pm ANCHORAGE, AK - Departed FedEx location
* 12:19 pm ANCHORAGE, AK - Arrived at FedEx location

Tuesday , 2/05/2019
* 7:37 pm TA YUAN DISTRICT TW - In transit
* 3:55 pm LANTAU ISLAND HK - In transit

Monday , 2/04/2019
* 10:45 pm LANTAU ISLAND HK - At local FedEx facility
* 4:30 pm TSUEN WAN HK - Left FedEx origin facility

Saturday , 2/02/2019
* 1:57 am - Shipment information sent to FedEx


Well just outside the GTA.


I never got a tracking number. According to the spreadsheet its been sitting in the warehouse for a couple weeks. I’m thinking that a large shipment for Canada came in all at the same time.


Well mine is already at GTA. Looks like I’m getting it today.

  • Thursday , 2/07/2019

6:33 am


At destination sort facility

  • 4:06 am


In transit

  • 3:50 am


Departed FedEx location

  • 1:24 am


In transit

  • 12:29 am


Arrived at FedEx location