[Replied]Shipping to Canada



Also have my tracking! Should be here tomorrow!


Got a call from Fedex stating I have to pay $25 in duties, but it is on the delivery truck and I should be getting it today :smiley:


Mine is out for delivery :grin:


@Namdus that is just ridiculous that 66xx member have received their HMD while you are still waiting for yours. It’s outraging.


I couldn’t find 795 on any of the spreadsheets. Maybe yours slipped through the cracks, I would follow up with support.


My label was created on Jan 25. Still don’t have a estimated delivery date yet. I just called fedex and apparently it was sent back to Shanghai instead of going through Taiwan like the rest of you. WTF!!!


Mine just arrived. It’s going to be busy weekend for me


I presume 5k+?..

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


Yes 5k+.

Now my wife is asking is in that package… She received the package for me…


So I confirmed with FedEx. My package is still in China in the HK warehouse because of the economy option chosen by Pimax. Which mean I have to wait after the CNY and free space on the plane to get my HMD. It’s beyond frustrating as a lower number backer to see other backer which a much higher number enjoying their HMD.

Edit https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/ao6oa2/just_received_tracking_west_coast_canada/

This is what is really pissing me off. How come a backer in my own province with a backer # of 47xx gets to receive his HMD before me a backer of 23xx. I filled the survey as soon as it was sent to me. I was confirmed as shipped and yet I get let behind. The lack of any type of organization in beyond me. I didn’t mine waiting as long as there was the wait in line was respected by Pimax. It wasn’t. It was all sent randomly without any sense of respect for those who has supported the project from the early beginning

I’ve open a support ticket on January 25th. No one has even responded to me since.

@PimaxUSA I really hope you work out your support and logistic because this is a kick in the face to many.


Found out that Pimax is declaring these headsets at a value of 80 CAD. Imagine if they declared the true value how much tax and duties we would be paying! they are charging about 35 which is almost 50%!!! we wuld have been paying atleast 300-600 in duties!!!


Dhl charged me $25 on tye p4k from Gearbest.

Dx.com uses CN post usually $0 xtra.


Fexax charged me $24.92. I read from reddit that many were charge around $34 even through we were all located in Ontario.


Just contacted FedEx and they could not find any package to my address, that cant be good. I did not receive the tracking number but wanted to know if they simply forgot to send it to me… I guess i’ll wait another week before i create a support ticket.


I just checked the box, Pimax did put $80 as package value. But I didn’t see currency. So I guess when Fedax clear the custom, some assume its USD and some assume is CDN. Thus the duties end up different amount?


Most of these special ship companies charge extras. Fedex, dhl, ups to name a few.

Sounds like proof with variable chargings.


Actually, all of us are all using Fedax, shipped on the same shipment (from HK to TW to US then arrive Canada this morning. Out tracking number exact same time so has to be on the same flight). Many of us are all in Ontario, yet the duties are not all the same. all either $24 or $35 CDN duties.


I don’t get why the charges are all so vastly different in the same country. Fedex quoted me $15.74 in duties for a 5K+ that is supposed to be delivered today. This is in Alberta.


I think it’s likely a case of padding charges from Fedex. Gearbest for example doesn’t tell ppl of the extra charges from DHL. In fact I ordered a 3dprinter from gearbest & all was good; then all of sudden they wanted(gearbest) an additional $70? On top of the $40 or 50 they already chargef me. When I wanted to cancel the order I found out they part shipped the rest of my order that costed less than what I paid for shipping.

Needless to say Gearbest no longer enjoys my earnings. They even messed up my address & I never received my overpriced remainder of my order. Canada post only delivered final notice before shipping it back. Neither CP or Gearbest fixed it up. Both had support tickets.


Got Mine ! 5K+ 20char20