[Replied]Shipping to Canada



I have mine open to let the smell out. I hope I can find some spare time tonight to try it out


FedEd wanted duty of 15.74 CAD for a declared value of 104.76 USD (approx $139 CAD). I’ll give credit where credit is due, fantastic work there Pimax!

I declined the package though. I was told I could wait and you guys sent it anyways when I told you multiple times to send it to someone else while I waited. Matthew was the last communication through Pimax and he reassured me.


Just to clarify. I am a :raising_hand_woman:. But yes you did tell pimax team on several ocassions. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


WTF is going on. What do you mean sent back??? man this is really frustrating


I got conformation from dallas already, plus a call from fedex and tracking number so i dont what spreadsheet you are looking at.


I called fedex and they told me my package is in Shanghai right now. so it wont move until Feb 11th…


Yes sorry, didn’t mean you Helio.


No worries; knew it was more frustration of the circumstances. Just want to clarify I have no actual control. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Oh you know just their master list which they spent weeks compiling from all the different sources. You’re right though, it’s probably nothing. They are probably definitely not referencing this list when directing their logistics.


called fedex and they have nothing in the system for me … sigh…

Is it fedex express or ground?


Mine should arrive today with fedex. Duty 27$. Eastern Quebec.


Im in quebec too.

Was it ground or express?

How did you receive your Tracking number?


Its fedex international economy . Was schedule for monday next week but received it today. They call me and left a message for duty and tracking Number.


Got my ‘final notice of attempted delivery today’

Never got a shipping email or tracking number (obviously there was one on the final notice).

$25 in customs fees. Just picked it up, haven’t unboxed yet, letting everything warm up in the house till tomorrow. Not terrible fees, but a bit disappointing, since I’m sure I’ll have more fees again when the lighthouses/controllers/extras arrive.

Fed ex messed up as well, she told me it had the wrong address and they had to correct it sometime last week (possibly they mis-delivered it entirely), but they did have the correct address on the box and paperwork from Pimax. She thinks that’s why I got only a final notice and no previous attempted deliveries or warnings.


Canada post did that to me on a non pimax delivery. But Gearbest did have errors on some spots. However it was odd that Canada post could deliver final notice & not the previous notifications. Especially since the apartment building I was living in had a parcel box where they put the key in your mailbox.

Sounds like FedEx is being crooked in their attempts.

Which headset I forget your choice. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


5K+ - Got the O+ for movies and dont-need-the-FOV games.


Canadian Backer #4343, just received headset yesterday. Delivered via FedEx. Duties were ~CAD$35. Didn’t receive a tracking number. Only found out the headset was on the way when FedEx called to collect the fee.

In the middle of building my new rig so can’t comment on whether the thing actually works. have only taken it out of the box to check the physical condition as the over-pack was pretty banged up.


Which headset did you receive?


Just called Fedex again and still nadda for my address. Pimax logistics are so pooched it’s laughable. Guess I’ll send a supen request or email along with the ocean of others waiting for Pimax when they return tomorrow. Beyond annoying really.


Fedex works Sunday? Proof they don’t work for :canada: :mailbox:. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: