[Replied]Shipping to Canada



yes it’s possible now to receive bad news, even on a sunday. Who would have thought…


Clergyman have been delivering bad news on Sundays for years. Just look at Reverend Luvjoy (The Simpsons). :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Look like my pi will be here by Tuesday the latest. Just checked my fedex tracking# and its in transit from Memphis Tennessee @V.Anaconda


Looks like same here.


Knowing my luck i shouldnt get too excited until this thing is on my face looool. Omg as i am typing this the news is saying snow storm coming on tuesday WTTFFF!!! Man why cant have the things i like without pain


Finally got that infamous duty call from fedex…
No delivery date because of the large snow in Seattle…of course this happens…


You and me both @V.Anaconda .


We just have to send some our best dog sled teams to collect them. :joy:


Thanks @Heliosurge that was actually funny. I needed that today.


Oh man that sucks. it seems like my package got on the plane before yours. Mine is in Mississauga right now so i am hoping i get it by friday the latest.


so tell me if this is the same for you. Refer to picture.

I also have the same situation as you. I figured on the 11th they would get back to work and I would get an update. And I did Surprisingly after 2 weeks of no updates! Fedex status claimed it was in mississauga and would be delivered by 5pm monday.
Whats also weird is that according to the history (#1 ) it was sent to Tenessee first then into Toronto. But we got no update until now…:rage:
So I waited and 5pm came and nothing. I check the app and it hasnt changed since this morning. So I call and they tell me It was still containerized and it missed some truck. I cried for a bit. and went home.

Feb 12 12:04 AM EST
I get an email from Pimax saying that my packages is on the way to me and has a tracking number. WTF? no shit!?" lol.
Im pretty sure (#2 and 3) in my pic delay was their fault as Fedex probably held it so that they could release it for delivery so they could send me that email. What do you think?
This also explains why some people are getting there package before pimax sends the email. Why hide the history from us until the last minute fedex?
Anyway today is supposed to be Dangerous winter weather in T.O and its advised that everyone stay home. Schools are shutting down etc… of course I may need to brave it and go to work because thats where they are shipping to​:rage:. But they app now says. “No scheduled delivery time!! Are you kidding?!:rage::rage:


https://youtu.be/lMdEhz2IstQ this may calm you down😐


haha whats scary is based on the quality of materials thats probably about right. 1000% profit margin on each pimax sold …haha


Got an email today from pimax too, tracking shows that my 5k+ is on my table in front of the Tv. Better late then never they say… :sunglasses:


Ok so I called them this morning because clearly I dont trust them.

I asked them why i dont have a delivery time and I asked if I could just pick it up myself . they said yes, .
I just got a call telling me its available to pick up.

Time to brave the winter storm… … I’m out!:grinning:


How did they get into your house! Sketchy.




Congrats! Drive safe in the road.


Opened ticket supen-1874 to try to get a tracking number. Backer 7019 with a 5k+ and all accessories. I’d love to have it before the snow storm…


Backer 67xx 5K+ here, still waiting. Thought these guys were suppose to be back on the 11th.