[Replied]Shipping to Canada





Same here, called FedEx 3 times, no HMD in site. Backer 67**


It’s HERE!!


WOOT WOOT!!! its here!!


Still in Seattle. Damn snow storm


5k+ Gentlemen? @Namdus


Thank you for all your help during my painful wait Helios. 5k+ back#795 toronto canada


Your very welcome. Enjoy. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

The wait is always killer. Reviews are nice but also a tease as well. :wink:


Yes my man. 5K+



There seems to be a typo in my title :joy:


Does anyone know how long it takes for shipping from pimax to overseas warehouse (HK). And then from HK to Canada?


yup. any first install tips?. Do i install pitool before plugging in the hmd?


very good question, aparently there are many variables at play and no answers until it shows up.


Yes install pitool first before plug in the hmd. maybe even reboot window as well.


so you have any problems yet?


My package is at the FedEx facility. I will go pick it up after work.


Me still nothing in FedEx system…

Im so damn sure that Pimax have delayed my shipment because I pissed them off with bad posts.

It would not surprise me. Anyways, i would prefer the 8K…


Fixed :laughing:


Yes best to install pitool prior to connecting headset.


No need to be concerned of that. Mail is just at the best of times slow. With tge bad weather may have been delayed.