[Replied]Shipping to Canada



just sent another email to support@pimaxvr.com

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Don’t worry, when you get a tracking number, it will not help you anyways :slight_smile:
Ive had mine for a week because i created a support ticket 3 weeks ago. And guess what, the tracking number pimax gave me cannot be found in any carrier’s database, including fedex, which it belongs to.
So my advise, just stop waiting, even pimax guys have no idea where your headset is atm. Let be a nice surprise when it arrives.


Maybe if I tell them that I’m preorder things will start moving along.


Hey, at this point I’ll take a fake tracking number like the rest of you.


No they have there own thread of requests as well.


Never seen anything so ridiculous. They consider their obligation to backers “fulfilled” as headsets leave pimax offices, mixed in with preorder, and then wash their hands of the mess created as headsets get lost in the black hole of HK warehouse.


There should have been a 1 week gap between backer & pre order shipments imho.


Without a doubt, and how could they not see this coming. Such simplistic mistakes. Or were they.

All backer details sent with headsets to HK warehouse and apparently not a soul can verify and track on behalf of backers. At least, to verify that the delivery address was passed on correctly. This whole thing is just so fundamentally stupid.


I think I see my Pimax

HONG KONG harbour


So what’s the consensus? Is Pimax shipping to Canada via DHL or UPS or other?

Just saw someone post that they received theirs without warning, and that the spreadsheet still indicated “building”.


Looks to be Fedex according to others.


Hopefully it is not there but on an airplane lol



Fedex tracking showing delivery Monday by 5:00 pm
backer 67xx 5K+


Tracking update, my package is still in Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong. Supposed to be delivered next Monday based on FedEx evaluation…


Anyone has a tracking number “not found” anywhere? Pimax sent me one like this 10 days ago, and swearing it is a correct one by fedex. But it cannot be found in any carrier tracking system. Wondering if im alone in this.


My fedex number was inactive for over a week. Until they create the label it doesn’t appear in the fedex system.


Indeed. The day i wrote that i checked again, andthe message was label created. So it was kicking around in the HK warehouse for over a month. Gonna sell it without even opening, cause i don’t wanna deal with DOA after that lol


My package is on the way, should arrive by Tuesday if FedEx tracking is right.
5K+, i hope i won’t regret my switch, i pledged for a 8k at first!
Pimax really need to work on the accessories fast, i can’t do much without lighthouses and controllers…


There is a ton of seated experiences to enjoy while waiting for full experience.


Have any Canadian backers gotten FedEx Delivery Manager working to see if any packages inbound to your address? I’ve been told by their reps that it’s not available in Canada yet?