[Replied]Shipping to Canada



When I ordered my CV1 the tracking number was sent by oculus before UPS scanned it onto their truck, It took a day for that to appear in the UPS data base.
Given the 25th was Friday and HK is just starting Tuesday you might want to give it a bit of time. They are using more than one shipper to Canada and I expect they are trying to move a crap load of 5Ks out of the warehouse this week. This is crunch time to get as much out of China before next week,


Okay thanks for the info. I am just stressing over here. i thought something was wrong with my address. well i got a call from fedex asking me if i will accept duty fees >$30 and i told them yes. so i didnt know whats the hold up is about.


Since that worked out so well for you , you would think that Pimax would just stick with what works and do the same for the rest of the Canada backers. You would think…


Its likely that HK warehouse created the shipping label on Jan 25th. But have not actually have your package ready for Fedex to pick up. Or someone forget to scan the package when pick up the package (which can also happen.)

Same thing happen to me when I order Vive DAS from Microsoft store. I track the tracking number everyday and it stayed pending status over a week!


Hey you at least have a number. Imagine those of us still hoping they get it moving before the week is over. Don’t be stressed, just roll one.


Yeah it’s unfortunate to have the extra $30 but on par with special shipping it seems. Dhl is the same & hear from others so does ups.


They probably would have except people spoke against it. :laughing:

Dx.com ships for free on most things with this method.


The money is not an issue for me. i have been waiting soooo long for this…ahhhhh the pain. the toronto meetup did help much either.


Why did people speak against it? A slow shipping method?


Guess some had bad xp with CN post & there was someone whom posted a bad video on treatment of packages. But having friends whom worked for ups & puralator abuse of packages is quite normal to get tjings loadedon time.

Hence why insurance is offered.


You have the option of going to Customs and clearing it yourself, but that to me is more than $30 worth of effort. Consider how much more fortunate we are having it land from China and come to our doors than those going though US and EU warehouses first,


All courier companies are under pressure to push large volumes at one time or another and the level of “care and control” of said packages is questionable at times since they are handled by real people under pressure. Any courier who claimes that your package will always be treated with care and respect are stretching the truth for reputation points.


I just want to have it here without any problems by at least next week…hoping


Yep. I had the Post dump my Vive in the driveway and was glad the dog alerted me. Never even knocked.


wow thats crazy. did it have any damage done to it?


Ouch. Amazon is apparently bad for that


No they didn’t damage it but I imagine it could have been stolen if I wasn’t home. It was a used Vive, I bought on Ebay for the bases and controllers and the seller packed it really well.


I see couriers at my highrise just posting a notice at the lobby without even trying to ring up to the resident because it “takes too much time”…or they leave parcels in the common hallway in front of the resident’s door; a temptation for someone else to just grab it. Not a good feeling when you’re expecting an expensive item like the Pimax and the box is aparently clearly labeled as such.


Yes I checked & found :canada: post did that. Had to wait til the next day to pick it up.

Found out they were there 5mins before I checked tracking. No attempt to use my buzx code.


Had the same thing at my house for another item. They dumped a card in my mailbox rather than pull the item off the truck and get a signature, Again the dog alert and they had sped off. Also had to go and get it. I drove up to the local 7/11 post office 30 min later and the guy had already dumped his replots and gone home.