[Replied]Shipping to Canada



Recently CP left a card in my mailbox that said they tried twice that day to deliver but I wasn’t home, only problem with that lie from the driver is that I was actually home at the aleged 2nd attempt time. Had to wait til next day to go pick it up myself. We also have a parcel box in the lobby of our building…what a joke.


Lucky I had to wait til after 1pm the next day. :weary: knowing what was here. :laughing:


I had a gearbest come through CP that I only received the final notice & they shipped it back.

In part it looked as Gearbest misspelled a detail but really if CP could send me the final notice would like to lnow what happened to the other notification cards they supposedly delivered.


Even more lucky now that I have a gal who still has pride in her job doing my mail. She even likes my Rotty. She does the parcel deliveries for her route and then walks the mail route. as well.
I came back from errands recently and she was dropping mail in my box. She says “Hey I have a parcel for you but you weren’t here. I’ll bring it back in a bit” So rare.


Awrsome. I know my GF’s Condo she jas jer parcels shipped to her mothers as it seems items left at her door are being stolen often.


what do you mean “HK is just starting Tuesday” ? they do not work on monday or something


No I meant it’s Tuesday morning in Hong Kong. It was 7:40 am when I wrote that.

You said you received tracking Friday. That would be Friday night there, so really only 1 day (Monday) has past when you posted.


According to fedex, they contacted them for Pickup on the 23rd, and fedex shanghai picked it up on the 25th

the called me today the 28th to pay duties

On the app i don’t actually have an estimated time, but I asked them directly when I was on the phone and they looked at their systems and told me it had an estimated delivery date of the 30th by 5pm.

They said it would probably be going on a plane overnight. Truth is im skeptical , I think they meant it would land in the OAKVILLE facility on the 30th, as long as i get it before friday Im good.


Here, here, I will join you with this meed.

Tavern Wench another round!:beers:


did they call you to play duties? If not i would call them, because I asked and they fedex lady told me that usually what happens is that you need to pay duties first.


I wouldn’t trust canada post as far as I could throw them. Every parcel canada post delivers to my address the delivery guy doesnt actually drop off the package. He just goes around quietly leaving slips on your door and takes off.

My wife has literally caught him in the act. she opened the door on him while he was trying to stick and run. And he was like “hold on Ill be right back with your package”. .he didnt even knock the bastard


As a former UPS employee all I can say is, 100’s of packages get mis-sorted every day. Visibility was a huge concern back then 20 years ago, I often wonder now that everyone has smart phones with apps how they manage to hide the fact that a package meant for toronto is suddently in BC. haha i bet their systems dont report it, so it just looks like you package hasnt moved.


rolling 1 on a 20 die would be a critical fail. I’d rather roll 20. (im a nerd)


I would have paid $70 if they could have had it to me overnight. :slight_smile:
I actually asked them if I could upgrade it from international economy(cheap bastards) but they said it was already in transit and it was too late. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was at that too. Ive never met so many people gathered in one place with the same VR obsession that I have. It was therapeutic. We should do that again :slight_smile:


yeah I told her i would pay for it at the door with visa and she said okay


My wife just calls and complains to amazon , and every time they do that she gets 15 dollars of amazon credit.

she done it like 6 times



these clowns have the nerve to strike. How bout they do their friggin jobs. Lazy shit’s.


So i am guessing we will be getting our sweet pie on the same date lool. my duty fee is less than $40 so i am happy. Man i am just running out of patience. i have been following this before most people. I even have the DePoon vr “the worst thing ever” no ipd adjustment. i got it a long time ago. during the rift DK2 days