[Replied]Shipping to Canada



haha The Poon?

Usually De Poon is de Best. :money_mouth_face:


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As current Canada post IT support contractor, I can tell mis-sort package still happen everyday.


Five Kay Plus (20 chars)


Palladium or AD&D? :laughing:


Will have to let my buddy know. :heart_eyes:


Whatever they do, I hope that they don’t use UPS. UPS might be ok for domestic, but they charge extortionate prices for International.


Does Pimax send an email with tracking number to Canadians or do we have to use UPS MyChoice?

I shipped it to a business address so I don’t think I can sign up for MyChoice anyway.


Canadian Backer #47XX for the 5K+ (switched from 8K)… Complete radio-silence. The spreadsheet has been saying “Ready to be forwarded” since it came out. I signed up for CanadaPost, UPS and DHL. Haven’t heard anything. A bit concerned.


AD&D as im not familiar with the other :grin:


well she pulls the “Im a PRIME member” card. And it works every time. :wink:


Palladium Books was another d20 based gaming system

  • Palladium (AD&D like clone)
  • Beyond the Supernatural (Call of cthulu like)
  • Heros Unlimited (superheros)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Robotech Macross
  • Robotech The Sentinels
  • Robotech Invid Invasion
  • Macross 2
  • Nightspawn (renamaned Nighbane - Because of Todd McFarland)
  • Rifts

And a couple can’t remember.


Can we use our common sense here to bring this thread discussion back on topic? Please continue your irrelevant discussion privately. The more irrelevant this turns into, the less people subscribe to it, and the more useless this thread becomes.


Haven’t seen an indication Pimax is even using UPS (for Canada), So far DHL and the latest is Fedex.


you are right… it won’t happen again


UPS is the worst. i am surprise they are still around. they once charged me $80 broker fee for a $170 product coming from the USA. any company that uses them to ship i leave them alone.


Oh man i can rest a bit now. i was told by fedex my package is just waiting to get on a plane phewwww. Anyone got a good cherry cake recipe while i wait ???