[Replied]Shipping to Canada




when the *uck are things going to start moving past the molasses crawl out of the HK warehouse…no clue, no indication of status, naddaa…this just drags on like a bad movie :joy::rofl:


Any updates from Canadian Pimax backers? US 5XXX backers have started receiving their tracking codes a couples days back already.


Upside is when we finally get Can orders moving out of HK warehouse they come direct to Canada Customs and then us. The downside is the US and Euorpean warehouses and all the other countries also seem to go through HK.
Hong Kong warehouse is key as everything, they either get out before they stop for New Years celebrations or we can go back to sleep for most of Feb.


How have people been getting info from FedEx? Did FedEx contact you first or did you have to reach out? I signed up for FedEx InSight in hopes that I’ll be able to track my package through that similar to UPS my choice for the Americans. Has anyone else had luck with InSight?

Man, it would suuuure be nice to have a tracking number…


Anyone else has this problem? Headset stuck in HK for 5 days now. No movement at all


I guess the 3rd party shipping company is already in Chinese New Year holiday mood. no one is really working anymore…

So most likely I won’t be getting my 5k + for few more weeks…


I’m only 400 off the highest number on the shipped tab (the only tab that matters) on the latest spreadsheet. Assuming “shipped” actually means left Hong Kong @Dallas.Hao , I will try to be hopeful. I had no changes except to the 5K+ which I did the day I got the final survey and confirmed was received correctly. In any case we are coming down to crunch time and the next update should be interesting to say the least.
In any case I hope they are pulling some overtime and I think it was Kevin who said all hands are on deck.
Meanwhile, as Sebastion likes to say-time for an adult beverage.


You don’t have a OD+ to wait for your new large FOV 5K+?:grinning:


I wish 20 characters


Well I do. OD+ is great for sitting game (Moss looks amazing on OD+). But not so great for room scale. For ppl used to play active game on vive, WMR is just not the same level… Even my kids complain about OD+ when playing rec room.


Based on latest spreadsheet today, mine is under status “shipped”. It used to be “waiting forward”, but now there is no more “waiting forward” status. So I’m not sure if mine is actually shipping from HK, or its still sitting in HK warehouse somewhere.


I’ll go out on a limb and say it means a shipping label has been created and you get your’s on the plane before CNY.


Same conclusion here, I returned mine last week but FOV and tracking apart the Od+ is the nicest headset of the bunch for the price. Happy that you didn’t regret you purchase…


Well I have 2 kids both want to play Rec room. And none of them would use Lenvono HMD. So I keep the OD+ for my daughter and my son use the Vive. That way I will not need to share 5k+ when I get it :slight_smile:


Shipping label created doesn’t mean its shipped out… Sometimes it takes 1-2 week before the package sent out AFTER shipping label created (that’s what happened to me when I order DAS form Microsoft during Christmas time)


There’s where “going out on a limb” comes in. I can only guess that the majority of “on to warehouse” units are actually in the HK warehouse. Mine and so so many others, are listed there for 2 or more weeks. SH is not that far from HK so it seems fair to assume most are awaiting shipping labels and it’s just backlog.
You are in the last category “ship(ed)”. The Chinese often don’t get verb conjugation right in translating to English so that they have used past tense is encouraging.
At least, any in the final category have a shot at getting out before CNY. It’s Friday in HK in a few hours and the next update will really tell us if the “Emperor is wearing any close”
At this point, I would rather be in the column you’re in. Wanna trade?


Yeah. The whole idea of using a Hongkong WH sucks. Pimax should’ve used US WH for Canada. It freaky how they consider Canada as part of asia already, especially the west coast lol


We would then have 2 customs crossings.


Man did you not see my post. I am having the same problem. i called fedex and they said its just waiting around to get put on a plane because they are backed up because of the heavy volume before the Chinese holiday. It really sucks . seems like nothing is moving at all