[Replied]Shipping to Canada



Yes if it is sold to the Us Wh 1st and then resold to Ca, which it is not. It is product move for purpose of redistribution. Companies can move products across countries boundaries without duties as long as they move them within intself. Like Samsung hk moves stuff to Samsung US. Even trumps tariffs cannot apply to stuff to be sold in canada this way. There are TPP and NaFTa in place. Pimax needs to pull itself together as a proper company though


This was suggested due to US government shutdown.


ya im having the same issue. i got a tracking number on monday and they said i.t would arrive Wednesday but the app still shows it’s in Hk.


they called and texted me. Funnt i don’t recall giving pimax my phone number… was it on the survey?


I guess something wrong in HK warehouse or shipping company. Probably heavy volume due to Chinese New year. I don’t even have tracking number yet so my guess is that I’m still one month Away from getting my 5k+


All because pimax opt for cheaper shipping option :rage::rage::rage:


CN post was cheaper than Fedex.


Is Fedex a problem here? I have never received from them.


If retail pre-order are received before Kickstarter backer , I am going to be really pissed.


8k backer I am guessing?


Nope 5k+… Still waiting like everyone else in Canada.


In that case should hopefully good.


Saw a post from a guy in Australia getting his tracking number by sms. Shipped from HK WH. His number is 15xx. Looks like the WH is still alive.


sure but we paid waaay less and are getting waaay more


For single item maybe, but the method pimax using with fedex is probably even cheaper. I called fedex, basically if fedex has a plane that’s ready to take off and there is still space on it some of our headset gets on. So basically our headsets are fillers. Like what you do with your socks when you pack up your suit case — find a crack and shave it there.


wow. i am beyond pissed off right now. i got my tracking number on jan 25 and my pimax is still sitting at the fedex in Hong kong. meanwhile people with > #2000 are getting their device. I cant believe they would do something like that. Well anaconda i guess we will be getting our pi next month then. i messaged dallas and matthew but i got no replies.


Spring festival has started for Pimax and it will take time to get rid of the glut in the postal system once logistics are moving again.


Maybe but doubtful as Dx.com ships most of there stuff with free delivery through CN.


Anyoneone from the tab “en route to the warehouse” in the latest shipment getting the headsets?
After the latest update from pimax with NY wishes, it looks like our headsets are stuck in HK for a few more weeks.


5K or 8K?
any survey issues (or other delays) in the pimax system?