[Replied][SUPEN-2028] Pre-order 5K+ arrived today. Sparkling white pixels on both displays


I received my pre-order today. I have an issue with white flashing/sparkling pixels on both screens.

I’ve tried to open a ticket but the support link isn’t working.

I also have awfully bad warping at the edges of my FOV. I am currently testing without lighthouses or positional tracking. Is the warping worse without positional tracking?

[Replied]5k+ Thousands of random sparkling pixels (different colors) all over the HMD, and black screen flickering (image going off/on)

Please explore the 5k 8k Directory there is a troubleshooting wiki.

Distortions verify ipd & ensure good verticle position on face.

Flashing pixels check headset cord where it’s plugged in as might be loose. Some found removal & replug works.


Is the support page currently down?

The pitool link is also not available for new customers!

I installed the latest beta as I will require brainwarp (smart smoothing) for my use case. I found a link to a copy on some guys google drive.

I’ve checked the cable is seated and also confirmed my IPD. The warping I’m seeing can’t be normal or nobody would be using these headsets. It’s even bad on the narrow FOV setting. Can someone confirm the best firmware and pitool version to be using and if the warping is worse without lighthouse trackers?

I was due to buy a second hand vive in a few hours but if this is what I’ve to look forward to I don’t think I’ll bother.


There is a banner topic. Click on Pitool there last post has @light’s links to pitool downloads

The google drive was likely mine or @MightyDodger

I don’t have LHes. Picture find. You ipd value maybe off & vertical placement important. You may need to increase foam thickness.

Check 5k 8k directory troubleshooting.


I’ve checked many other threads. I seem to have an issue that many others are experiencing. The sparkling white pixels have been reported by many other people.

@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support could someone contact me regarding this issue. I can not access the support section of your website to open a ticket.


I managed to create a support ticket. Edited it into the thread title.



I have replied on SUPEN-2028, pleace check and reply!
tks for supporting to Pimax!


Thanks @Sean.Huang. I have sent you a video clip of the pixel sparkle issue.

I have spent some time adjusting the fit of the headset and have eliminated the vast majority of the distortion I was seeing. Unfortunately, the position which removes the distortion requires the bottom of the headset to move completely off my cheekbones. Currently I can position it correctly with loose side straps but I will need additional padding to ensure the headset remains secure on my head.


Wow Pimax guys working on Sunday . Good job @Sean.Huang👍


How did you create a support ticket? I cant even create an account


No idea. It took several attempts and I followed several different links on the forum. I couldn’t log back into it once I set it up and submitted the ticket. Try emailing Support@pimaxvr.com instead.


I just got an update on my issue and the status of the ticket has been changed to this (see image)

Can anybody tell me what it means? @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun


I am in the same boat - pixels and bottom padding.

For the padding I have cut up an old mousepad and used that and some velcro to make an additional layer on the bottom and sides. Sides helps me with HMD wobble too (narrow head?). I’ve used two mousepad layers, plus the velcro, and it works perfectly for me. Almost zero distortion.


I haven’t made a modification yet. I was going to use the foam in the box but didn’t want to do anything yet in case the unit has to be returned! I need to move the bottom out a substantial distance to remove the distortion.


changed the status to 执行中 = Changed the status to execution

have the same for my supen… but dont know what it mean exactly and i cant reach support site


But no one fixed the issue like that I think? Fiddling with the cable seems to relieve the issue for some a few hours but I think it always comes back? This definitely seems like they’ve made a change to the cable and this caused the issue in some batch.


How did you do that?
I cannot log into the support, it keeps saying incorrect password.
Even after resetting the password twice on the forum.


The accounts are not connected.

Forum, Shop and Support are separate accounts.


I believe there was a couple that had luck. But agree majority seem to require a cable replacement. But still good to perform as a troubleshooting step to validate.


@Alan.sun @Sean.Huang
I am unable to reply to my support ticket. I have requested a password reset but no email was received to allow me to do so. I cannot create a new account as my email address is already associated with an existing support account.

Please confirm a replacement cable has been sent. I have already sent you a video. My address and phone number are the same as those associated with my original order.