[Replied][SUPEN-2028] Pre-order 5K+ arrived today. Sparkling white pixels on both displays


@Doman.Chen could I get an update on this ticket. It has been two weeks since I provided the requested information.


Status of my ticket has been changed from ‘in progress’ to ‘discussing’. Still no reply. Who are support discussing it with? It certainly isn’t me :joy:

@Doman.Chen as you seem to be actively doing your best to help others with this issue could I possibly get an update from you on when I can expect to receive a properly shielded cable for my headset?


I’m in almost the exact same situation on the timeline, but my ticket was changed to “WORK IN PROGRESS” a few days ago and has stayed there since.

SUPEN 2045. Would really like to know that my cable is on the way and should be here very shortly. I’ve had my 5K+ 3 weeks now and all my time in it has been spent troubleshooting this issue.

@Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun @doman.chen @sean.huang


Another 5days of silence…

@Doman.Chen, @Alan.sun @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao