[Replied]Support does not reply


As many of us I had some issues with my headset and contacted support almost a month ago. I am still waiting for a reply (SUP 178)!
Please, can someone from the Pimax team have a look at my support ticket!

My problems are:

  1. I have those flickering white dots that are most likely caused by a faulty cable.

  2. I have no left audio channel when using the pimax headphone jack.

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Sending out tons of faulty products is one thing. But then totally ignoring customers with problems, man … Pimax really knows how to f*ck things up.


Hi,sorry for the inconvenience,I sent you a private message,please kindly check.


Send me message too. I have been waiting for answers. You guys knew headsets were faulty yet you still sent them. We waited and trusted pimax for so long but all you guys do upset your supporters. Take this freaking bad headset and send me fixed fully working headset. No more support to pimax like this


Hi,sorry for the inconvenience,did you create a support ticket?
What is your ticket number?


I sent email a month ago and created ticket
Sup 3302


Ok,we will reply to you on your support ticket SUPEN-3302,please check later,thanks.


Doman.Chen thank you for taking care of my issue and sending me your private message. I just want to tell everyone what happened, in order to help people who might be in the same situation as I was. It turned out that I had a wrong ticket number which was SUP XXX. But it seems that a correct support number looks like SUPEN XXXX. Maybe the reason why I did not get a “correct” ticket number was because the ticket was not created by me but by the support team. Due to technical issues, I was not able to create a support ticket by myself and had to email the support team. I am very happy that finally things start to get moving and I advice everyone with a “wrong” ticket number to post a message here in this forum.


After I have posted here in the forum, I have received an email from Pimax that I can send my faulty unit to the UK and that they will replace it. They also offered me a reimbursement, which is honourable. BUT as it is now unclear how the situation will be if the UK exits from the European Union I wanted to conform that any duties are also reimbursed in case the Brexit.

So I answered to Pimax al follows:
… thank you for offering me a reimbursement for the delivery cost.
Just to avoid misunderstandings can you confirm that this reimbursement
will include my shipping costs of the faulty headset to Pimax and any
tariffs and/or import taxes that I might have to pay to receive the replacement headset. Since Brexit might happen very soon, we have to consider such scenarios, if you send the replacement headsets from the UK.

Now I have received a reply from Pimax:
Dear Customer:
Pls be kindly noted the shipping fee reimbursement only covers the cost incurred when you send the headset back to our UK warehouse. But we are not responsible for the fees incurred when we send a new headset to your place.

It is NOT my fault that the Pimax headset is faulty! And the headset does not only have one mistake: It has a sparkling Dots everywhere and the headphone jack does not work either…

And is is NOT my fault that Pimax has not responded to my support request for about a month!!!

The whole problem would not have occurred if Pimax had responded more quickly and not kept being silent for about one month ignoring my support issue! We could have resolved this issue easily before the Brexit!

What do you think? Do I really demand to much if I ask for a reimbursement of income tax/ and custom fees?


Pimax seriously what the heck!!!
Where is the solution? I have been waiting.
We have waited enough to get the headset now we have the headset but can’t enjoy it. WhT kind of company is this? You make $4 million with us but you don’t give a crap Bcz you got your money already. I don’t want the headset anymore really I want refund. Wasted time and money!!!


Try contacting na pimax


I have an open ticket, they acted like they care after a month then no answer. Don’t understand them. I am really disappointed plus I have 6 of the pimax 4K for my business but it’s all garbage


I can’t really say much on that save the kickstarter caused a rapid growth that maybe wasn’t considered due to having faith of a smooth launch. They are in the process of working on implementing a robust business management software that will help them immensely with getting support system functioning properly. This & Kevin’s efforts getting the US support center staffed will help with balancing workloads.

As an owner myself of the p4k it can be a nice headset despite its flaws(ghosting, duller colors & being designed for myopia to 20/20 vision). But in truth in the last 2 years there are much better options available. It is still great for movies & decent for sims.



Sorry that we have missed you for the cable.
We will send the replacement cable by this week.
We will update the statue on SUPEN 3302.
Sorry for your inconvenience!