[Replied]Tracking Suddenly Jumps in iRacing!



So I’ve been noticing that my tracking suddenly jumps out of whack in iRacing.
Has anyone had a similar issue to this? I’ll be sitting in the car and all of a sudden my view goes sideways crooked and outside of the car.
It happened today but I was able to hit Reset HMD which put me back in position, but that split second view change can cause a major issue.

Has anyone seen something similar and know how this can be fixed?


Short answer: not once. Longer answer would require more information from you.

But i’m running 2 base stations, osw, etc etc. Had grey screen on touch issues before changing the grounding on the osw But rock solid since then.


I have the accuforce and there’s no grounding issues like on OSW’s and I haven’t seen the gray-outs.

Someone on reddit said to try and do a practice without any base stations connected, to see if it’s a hardward issue with the sensors, or if it’s software related, to rule out the hardware/software.


Have a different issue on my side.
Without lighthouses, tracking is slowly drifting and after a few minutes I find myself driving with the head to the left


is this in iRacing or every game?


Any game, but as I play iRacing 99% of the time… :grin:


That sucks. I’m gunna try without basestations and see what happens, and also, I’ll move sensors a bit over the weekend and see what happens then as well.


When I had my USB issues (if you remember, I fixed them by using the Vive linkbox as a powered USB hub) this would happen to me too… it would change the view by at least 90 degrees, then my headset would go gray and reboot. Maybe change your USB port or find a powered USB hub. This was in other racing games too like dirt Rally and Pcars2


Ok ill try switching usb port also, although i added an internal usb hub


I haven’t had this issue with 1 LH on. With no LH, i get the same left drifting.

I also get no greying out with OSW properly grounded to my rig (8020).


I unplugged 1 sensor, and with 2 basestations, it still happened.
BUT, I noticed it happens on the same part of the track in iRacing.
Sometimes it jolts the picture out of the way, sometimes only slightly.

What could that be?>


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Which headset did you receive?


Helio, I backed the 8k, but switch to and received the 5k+.


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Hi Kevin.
Maybe you can help? I have tried literally EVERYTHING and can’t narrow down the issue
The image in iRacing is tracking fine until one or two points on every race track where the image will suddenly jump out of position and sometimes it’s so severe that it will put me on the roof of the car, or to the left of the car, when I’m supposed to be sitting inside the car’s cockpit. I can reset HMD and go back to it, but when this happens, it’s usually on a turn, and can cause me to wreck out.
Today I deleted all of iRacing and reinstalled and it worked for a bit and then happened again.
If I don’t use the lighthouse tracking, it works perfectly. except I’ll be stuck in 3dof.
What do I do?
I have 3 SteamVR 2.0 Sensors. I only plug in 2 at a time usually. I’ve tried will all 3, and 1 by itself, I’ve moved the sensors around, and same thing happens with any/all of the sensors, so it’s not a hardware issue either.


Please create a new ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback


Ok Thanks I just created the ticket SUPEN-2176 to start the troubleshooting process.

Thank you again Doman!

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Hello, i’v solved the same problem changing my power supply, from 650 to 850 W.
I 'v foiund this problem in iracing and project cars 2. AC don’t have this problem.

So, tell me if you’ve solve this problem.
Sorry for my very bad english.



This was caused by my Apple Watch’a bluetooth interfering with the signal from the base stations and the pimax


I have 850 ps as well. :frowning: