[Replied]Tracking Suddenly Jumps in iRacing!



I get that same thing! Every couple laps I need to recenter the driver view.


WOW, I never thought of that. I wear my Apple watch while racing, but I’ve had issues with my Pimax 5K XR just completely shutting off. I have one Vive Basestation, which sometimes doesn’t even connect in PiTool, but when I plug in the Vive basestation, I can’t use the remote to turn on my TV that I use for a monitor. It completely blocks the signal to the TV. Never thought about the watch being an issue though. Any idea on the blackout? Its so bad I have to exit iRacing and sometimes even reboot the computer.


I also have big problems with the basics I live on pimax 5k plus. I have a dynamic sfx100 workstation and I have the same problems as those with a direct drive. htc bases cannot be used. create interference and the viewer loses tracking. tried everything but nothing to do


today I borrowed a shielded pimax cable but I didn’t solve anything.


Where did you get a “sheilded” cable? Some cables have seemed to have some issues with Cables causing snow. But some folks seem to have some kind of sheilding issue with tracking as mentioned here.


the shielded cable was lent to me by a friend. pimax sent it to a friend of mine who had other problems. I did some tests but nothing changed.


Okay so a replacement cable that sheilding was better than a defective one.


I believe I have solved everything. the way I managed to solve and crazy. unthinkable!!! I will communicate the solution here as soon as I finish the project. dynamic and flying direct drive stations will no longer be a problem. it will be possible to use the live sensor and you can touch the viewer with your hands.


I finally found the solution to be able to touch the viewer with my hands and never lose tracking. it was hard to find a definitive solution and it seemed that whatever I tried didn’t work. This time I won against the pimax and the laws of magnetism.


this solution works well with both direct drives and dynamic sfx100 stations.


I cant believe you found this. Im having the same issue with my valve index.
I just added 4-dof with PT-Actuators (also TL-platform im adding next week once i put it together).

I cant touch the headset if the actuators are on. This is ingenious.


we must first ground everything. the viewer and the motors on the ground at the station and then place the station on the engine rig.


What do you mean by this and what did you do to do this?


gnd pimax USB type c above dynamic station and gnd dynamic station above rig