[Replied]Weird display shift causing a line in the middle of the view



This usually happens when I first turn on the computer. usually can be fixed with rebooting HMD.
I also have video. In the video you can also see blue and red color shift in the middle “ribbon”/strip

Pitool version is .95



Are you using .95. Im on .91 and havnt seen this


I’m on .95



Ive seen other users with this same issue. Almost identical to what you are showing. Might try .91


Hi,you can create a ticket on support:https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback


ticket SUPEN-2181



So I had this same issue, got a replacement and the replacement didn’t fix the issues. Seems to be some kind of error with my setup. Buying a dedicated USB pcie card didn’t help either. All that fixes the issue is plugging the hmd into a new USB port and then rebooting the hmd within pitool and sometimes this needs to be done 2-3 times.


Just stumbled upon this thread.

I’ve seen this on two separate HMDs (first one RMA’d for busted headphone jack), but only once on each. Restarting HMD fixed it both times and I can’t reproduce it.

Happened earlier this year on old HMD on either 95 or 109 (can’t recall, sorry, didn’t think much of it at the time.) Using PiTool .109 on new HMD and it happened last week.

Old HMD was on old PC with Z87+4770k+1080Ti+32GB DDR3.
New HMD is on new PC with X470+2700x+same 1080Ti+32GB DDR4.

One other thing to note is that I’m using a DP extender cable because the default one is pretty inadequate.


if it can help to understand:
pimax 5k + and a 1080ti turning at 72Hz in pitool no problem.
when i try to put it at 90hz in pitool i have exactly the same image.
version pitool tester: the latest official to date, and the 129 beta same problem when I try to 90 hz.