Requests for pitool


As Tom’s hardware stated in their latest review pimax has mainly focused on hardware design, and for good reason. But to bring the pimax to the masses pimax now needs to be focusing on software so everyone can enjoy this magic hmd and not just the tech geeks.

I think pitool tool needs several things now to bring it up to scratch.

  1. Stability
  2. Individual settings for each app - Super sample, Parallel projection, hz, brightness
  3. Saturation for colours (imaginator in Skyrim shows the pimax 5k+ can mix it with the best oled display)

Can you think of anything else ?


pitool should check versions first before updating firmware. I installed pitool on my laptop and it updated the firmware. Then installed pitool on desktop and it still installed the firmware. This tells me that the pitool doesn’t really check the firmware of the headset…only that it’s been done or not on that respective installation.