[Resolved]5k+ with single base station will not track after V2.1.255.212 Update



So this issue has been driving me crazy the past two days!
After updating to the newest PiTool software (and now going back to the old software too), my 5k+ will not connect track with my Vive base station. Non tracking play works fine. Someone please help, I’ve tried to find a solution on the forums already but couldn’t find a solution myself. Also, the support bar just goes to a 404 on the Pimax site currently.


Just to be clear, PiTool is showing the base station as present (blue highlighted)?


Yes, Pitool just tells me my headset is not being tracked. The single vive base is also set to A like it should be. StreamVR also detects the base, but says my hmd is not connected.


Have you tried the obvious such as restarting the service and rebooting the HMD?
When I have had issues I couldn’t fix I uninstalled Pitool, rebooted, reinstalled Pitool, rebooted and it was working again but this was HMD related only not with base station.


Yes, I did all that you have listed, 20+ times honestly. I even tried reverting back to the old pitool version like I said & it did not work. Steam even detects the vive base, but the base’s indicator stays illuminated red & pitool says my headset will not track.


Try moving away from the basestation with the headset (1-2m) ø, turning the headset from side to side. Also try breaking the line of sight between headset and basestation on/off.

I know it sounds weird but I have to do this every time I use a single basestation for seated gaming.


Sadly, I’ve already tried all of that. I’ll try breaking line of sight more once I’m home later, i have tried it a couple times already but it’ll be worth a shot. I’ll reply with an update after.
Itbsk annoying because before this update, I had absolutely NO ISSUES. I could boot, plug in my headset, & done, every time it synced.


You might need to have @Doman.Chen check it out via TeamViewer for You.

He has most likely tried this before… :face_with_monocle::+1:


My vive base station turned into a brick i guess, a new station fixed my issue.