[Resolved]Can't get into SteamVR on laptop please help!


My ID and password for what exactly?


Sorry for making you confuse. I meant ID & Password of Teamviewer that is a remote software.

I will write you an email about how to fix this bug that you may suffer.


I’m facing problem with my gtx1060 laptop. After installed latest piplay2, the hmd is showing green led and will not go blue no matter how many times I replug the hdmi and usb. The display setting will not shows hmd as a secondary display and the steamvr did shows hmd not connected.

The previous piplay1.29 works with videomode but directmode do not work maybe due to laptop gpu problem.


I was also not able to get into Steam VR on my hp laptop so I decided to take assistance from hp customer support and this helped me a lot to solve my issue. The display settings will not show the hmd anymore.


Display setting will only show the pimax screen when piplay is in video mode, it will not show when in pimax mode which would be the option you would be in if your running steamvr.

If your trying to do gaming, have you actually tried starting a steamvr game? It should work if the Led on the hmd is blue



If you could post your laptop model & specs


I can help you try to troubleshoot the issue. I saw your post on pimaxvr forums as well. Please send a copy of your pimaxvr system report and I can review it. or another way you take a help from HP Customer Support Number for this I also take the help from the hp team.


I Tried this https://avastsupportnumber.co.uk/blog/fix-avast-blocking-league-legends/ but still no success. If I can’t find a solution soon I may have to go for a clean installation of Steam Vr.